"Language modules for HNSKY"

HNSKY language modules. Just put them in the same directory as HNSKY.EXE and select the language in the SETTINGS menu (cntrl-E) All modules are all upgraded to version 2.4.0                                            English module. Translate this one if you want to introduce a new language.   Italian module with Italian Help file. Version  2004-7-24. Translation by Davide Pistritto. Help file translation by Andrea Demarchi. Russian module. Version  2004-6-22. Translation by Alexey Klimin. See screen shot Catalan module. Including a complete translated hnsky.hlp (2004-12-1) file. Translation by Antoni Clavell and Xavier Peña.  Esperanto module. Version  2013-2-26. Translation by Antoni Clavell. Spanish module. Translation by Leandro Rios, version 2013-8-24. German module. Version 2004-8-20. First translation by Michael Burger, updated by Armin Jungblut. Complete with German constellation supplement. Czech module. Translation by Michal Prorok. Romanian module version 2004-9-1 including a translated HELP file. Translation by Haritina Mogosanu, Bruno Sonka and Mihaela Golita.  Traditional Chinese module. Translation by Chuang_Siau_Chin. Complete with traditional Chinese constellations and Chinese ancient astronomy stars in the form of a HNSKY supplements ! French module and constellation supplement. Translation by Pierre Charpenay.

portuguese flag  Portuguese module. Translation by Tiago Correia.  Complete with preliminary Portuguese constellation supplement.

Brazilian Brazilian version of the Portuguese module. Dated 2004-1-27. Conversion by Celio Costa Filho.  Complete with preliminary Portuguese constellation supplement.

hungarian flag Hungarian module, dated 2008-9-6. Translation by Ákos Oros, updated by Tamás Jancsó

korean flag Korean module , help file and four constellation supplements. One with Korean constellation names, one with English names and two version of  old Korean Skymap "ChunSangYeulChaBunYaZiDo (B.C.100 ~ A.D.100), dated 2003-3-19. Translation and constellations by Jeong, Tae-Min. For corrections and assistance for any extension, his email can be found inside the constellations files. See screen shot

Polish flag Polish module. Dated 2004-6-18. Translation by Piotr CHMURA. Japanese module with constellation module. Translation by Seiichi Horie and Masanori Satou. See screen shot Dutch module with  Dutch constellation module, by Fred Van Gestel with assistance of Han van Gelderen. Dated 2004-7-30. Danish constellation supplement by Thomas Knudsen, dated 2004-3-13.  Galician module by Xoaquín Freixeiro, dated 2006-1-11. Swedish module by Håkan Friberg, dated 2008-6-14. Greek language constellations and  common star module by Antonis Gitsas, dated 2009-10-29. Note: To be able to read the status bar text in Greek, set a Greek font, e.g. "Arial Greek" in the the line "font=" of the default.hns or use the default.hns provided in this zip file.

WHO IS WILLING TO TRANSLATE THE MENU OF HNSKY TO AN OTHER LANGUAGE THEN ENGLISH ??? I'M LIKE TO ISSUE HNSKY FOR SEVERAL LANGUAGES. Download the English module above, translate and send it back to me. Also provide a GIF file with your flag or symbol, about 35 pixels high.

Using Russian TTF font:


Japanese screen shot

japanese screen shot

Korean screen shot

Korean screen shot

The help source hnsky.tpc and help compiler Use this one to translate the Help file. Please request the latest file.

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