History of the HNSKY planetarium program.

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hnsky movie hns_move.gif History:

2024-06-14  HNSKY 4.3.2b Fixed a problem caused by the latest openssl library in e.g. Mint 21.3

2024-05-29  HNSKY 4.3.2a Made help in Linux version online only. Firefox snap version does not allow to read html files in /opt/help.

2024-05-28  HNSKY 4.3.2.  Replaced again unit for internet access. Allowed partial mpcorb.DAT download to speed up. Fixed cursor problems in Linux

2024-05-19  Added the missing 32 bit version. Recompiled the hnsky_themes version.

2024-05-16  HNSKY 4.3.1.  Modified object menu. Added a prefix string for filtering object displayed on the map. Replaced internet downloader and included a download progress indicator.

2024-05-08  HNSKY 4.3.0b.  Fixed DSS images download for regions with a comma decimal separator.

2024-05-07  HNSKY 4.3.0a.  Fixed a asteroid and comet download problems for some region.

2024-05-02  HNSKY 4.3.0. Asteroid and comet database files are now binary.

2024-03-06  HNSKY 4.3.02 (Windows), Fixed a bug in downloading the comet file update.

2024-03-06  HNSKY 4.3.0 (Windows), Asteroiden database is now binary for speed. Added export possibility for MPCORB.DAT files. Removed the asteroid and comet editor. 

2023-11-21  HNSKY 4.2.15f (Windows), 4.2.15f2 (Linux). Improved PA (position angle) measurement.

2023-09-16  HNSKY 4.2.15f. Fixed asteroid and comet update for newer Linux distributions.

2023-07-08  HNSKY 4.2.15d. Fixed a false error message when downloading ESO DSS images.

2023-06-11  Added the Windows 32 bit version which was missing.

2023-06-10  Refreshed upload for AMD64 since it was not updated.

2023-05-29  HNSKY 4.2.15c Improved the editor. Fixed the id for single instance running which was the same as ASTAP.

2023-05-08  HNSKY 4.2.15a For Linux and Mac version the selection "no telescope" was not working. Fixed for Linux.

2023-04-27  Corrected the uploaded version from 4.2.14b to 4.2.15

2023-04-25  HNSKY 4.2.15 Added an option to disable telescope link to avoid errors. Fixed star boldness for the V16 and V17 star database. Fixed plotting stars in some areas. Removed statusbar1 message.  Gave a title to a download error message

2023-02-28  HNSKY 4.2.14b Fixed a runtime error in settings for Linux and Mac version (when selecting non-English).

2023-02-28  HNSKY 4.2.14b Fixed a runtime error in settings for Linux and Mac version (when selecting non-English).

2023-02-19  HNSKY 4.2.14a Fixed a problem for moveaxis command for tracking solar objects.

2023-02-18  HNSKY 4.2.14 Improved smooth tracking of solar objects. See new options in settings menu, tab settings.

2023-02-15  HNSKY 4.2.13 Allowed only one instance of HNSKY (for link CCDciel), allowed text search for objects when not displayed. Fixed small refresh bug terrestrial view.

2023-02-12  HNSKY 4.2.12 Revamped INDI telescope control. Improved solar object tracking.

2023-02-01  HNSKY 4.2.11b Fixed a runtime error running under Linux. Some minor cosmetic corrections.

2023-01-29  HNSKY 4.2.11a Fixed a bug in Tracking smooth solar object.

2023-01-29  HNSKY 4.2.11 Overhauled INDI communication.

2023-01-25  HNSKY 4.2.113 Added seconds for update interval, Add tracking smooth of comets and asteroid. See telescope popup menu

2023-01-25  HNSKY 4.2.11 Fixed INDI client. Added mount tracking rates to follow comets and asteroids.

2023-01-23  HNSKY 4.2.10 Added solar object apparant movement and pa to statusbar and added to the server export (for CCDCiel)

2022-12-14  HNSKY 4.2.102 Allow "Dark nights next days" display when running a system at UTC time but a different time zone.

2022-11-16  HNSKY 4.2.9 Fixed a small star coverage problem.

2022-10-31  HNSKY 4.2.8a Added some translations for angular measurement.

2022-10-19  HNSKY 4.2.8 Fixed asteroid and comet track function (INS). Added a shortcut for menu no sidereal  motion.

2022-09-30  HNSKY 4.2.7 Added menu option "no sidereal motion"

2022-09-30  HNSKY 4.2.72 (Use alternative links) Some minor changes.

2022-09-29  HNSKY 4.2.7  (Use alternative links) New czech.ini, fixed problem deepsky magnitude jumping to max. Adapt hint font size to other font settings. Fixed convergence problem comets. Increased the accuracy of comet calculations with an eccentricity close to 1.

2022-07-24  HNSKY 4.2.6  Fixed direct screen refresh is comets or asteroids are selected.

2022-04-28  HNSKY 4.2.5  Replace the TCP communication library. Overhauled Alpaca and INDI communication and fixed memory leaks. Overhauled server. 

2022-04-24  HNSKY 4.2.4a  Fixed a fatal error is switching from Alpaca to Ascom.

2022-04-23  HNSKY 4.2.4  Fixed a problem in the Alpaca interface.

2022-02-27  HNSKY 4.2.3  Added an option to the popup menu to measure distance. Improved angular distance measurement for large distances.

2022-02-12  HNSKY 4.2.2  Change the three state checkmarks to two states for asteroids and comets.

2022-02-11  HNSKY 4.2.21  Fixed instant refreshing time when repaint is done due to key press.

2022-02-08  HNSKY 4.2.1  Simplified operation. Only switching between terrestrial and celestial mode. Improved measuring frame.

2022-02-07  HNSKY 4.2.1,  Simplified operation. Only switching between terrestrial and celestial mode.

2022-01-21  HNSKY 4.2.0,  Released the first macOS version. Redesigned rectangle selection. Fixed a star coverage program for SAO and PPM near celestial poles.

2021-12-30  HNSKY 4.1.33b,  Fixed JPL orbital elements import for Chrome.

2021-12-04  HNSKY 4.1.33a,  Fixed the date menu tab to the first tab.

2021-11-30  HNSKY 4.1.33,  Fixed importing JPL orbital elements.

2021-10-01  HNSKY 4.1.32,  Update of the Catalan translation and help file in the Windows version.

2021-09-08  HNSKY 4.1.32,  Fixed selection of JPL ephemerides (DE430/431).

2021-09-03  HNSKY 4.1.31a,  Fixed a freeze by the comet unit for dates before 1995. Improved updating delta-t setting in date menu.

2021-06-18  HNSKY 4.1.31, Fixed an other star coverage problem.

2021-06-13  HNSKY 4.1.30b, Fixed placing a rectangle at the celestial pole.

2021-05-10  HNSKY 4.1.30, Fixed a star coverage problem (since dec 2020). Fixed printing of planet and deep-sky fits images.

2020-12-31  HNSKY 4.1.29, Better fix for star coverage problem when the celestial pole is in the corner of the window.

2020-12-30  HNSKY 4.1.28, Fixed some minor star coverage problem when the celestial pole is in the corner of the window.

2020-12-12  HNSKY 4.1.27, Gaia online version adapted to eDR3. Uploaded the first new Gaia star databases based on Gaia release eDR3. Difference will be minimal.

2020-12-07  HNSKY 4.1.26, Fixed slew to option. Could not be switched off.

2020-11-12  HNSKY 4.1.25,  Change the option slew to in the search window. Now in all cases the map will center on the searched object.

2020-10-23  HNSKY 4.1.24,  Fixed removing downloaded DSS files. Upgrade of the deepsky database for Cygnus.

2020-10-05  HNSKY 4.1.23, 2 Fixed swipe behavior for Linux version only. Happened if the left mouse button is pressed while mouse is moving.

2020-10-05  HNSKY 4.1.22  Changed mouse position in RA, DEc to full resolution. Mouse click position to statusbar. Updated Bulgarian translation. Added popup menu to search window to allow to copy the list from search window to clipboard.

2020-9-29  HNSKY 4.1.21  Identical as 6 except after search with center on the telescope tracking is disabled.

2020-9-21  HNSKY 4.1.216  Added blue colour  (can be modified) for DSS blue bandpass. Added new translation keywords.

2020-9- 19  HNSKY 4.1.215  Added new bandpass menu for DSS downloads. If you have installed HNSKY 4.1.214, then please delete manually the install FITS files  in documents/hnsky\ fits first.

2020-9- 13  HNSKY 4.1.214  Modified load fits option. The original fits directory is preserved.

2020-9- 13  HNSKY 4.1.213  Added non-english labels for new menu option

2020-9- 12  HNSKY 4.1.212  Fixed hints for unicode.

2020-9- 10  HNSKY 4.1.211 Modfied FITS functionality. Number of FITS downloads is now unlimited. Added an option for only clearing visible FITS files. For faster access, the FITS file name contains now a RA, DEC position code.

2020-9- 1  HNSKY 4.1.20 Modified save-as for supplements, such that the supplement name is copied to object menu. Upgraded the supplement "M33 global clusters".

2020-8-28  HNSKY 4.1.19 Remove menu NAO DSS-image download since they shutdown their service. Fixed some problems with reading supplements. Added two supplements with global clusters of M31 and M33.

2020-8-20  HNSKY 4.1.18a Fixed plotting FITS files across the celestial pole. 

2020-7-17  HNSKY 4.1.18 Fixed missing grid labels on the right side of the screen. Hungarian translation update available by Istvn. 

2020-5-14  HNSKY 4.1.17 Fixed a problem when using the measuring frame in combination with dragging the map around. Update the main database and some star supplements.

2020-4-15  HNSKY 4.1.16 Fixed an asteroid download problem. All MPC asteroids where loaded. Added a Sourceforge update link for asteroids and comets.

2020-3-23  HNSKY 4.1.15 Fixed a double click problem in search window. Fixed a alignment problem and colour problem in menu move_to. Some code improvement. Fixed error message for moveto between -10 and+10 degrees declination.

2020-2-24  HNSKY 4.1.14 Fixed a problem in selecting the external databases in hnsky_themes. Some code cleanup in the objectmenu.

2020-2-21  HNSKY 4.1.13 Fixed some minor problems for downloading asteroids.

2020-1-26  HNSKY 4.1.12 Updated the language files for de Linux version.

2020-1-25  HNSKY 4.1.12 Modified the goto menu and added "slew_to" option to the search window.

Modified go to window:

Added "slew to" option for telescope mounts in the search option:

2020-1-14  HNSKY 4.1.11 Fixed problems using Simbad and Hyperleda downloads

2020-1-13  HNSKY 4.1.10 Fixed some problem in Simbad and Hyperleda downloads

2020-1-11  HNSKY 4.1.9  Removed night vision. (Use Win10 night light instead), made horizon thicker. Fixed animation menu for hnsky_themes.

2020-1-9  HNSKY 4.1.8 (no change) Updated the Catalan help file. Changed for declination the degrees symbol from "d" to . 

2020-1-7  HNSKY 4.1.8. Modified the asteroid download. Asteroids are now extracted from the full size file MPCORB.DAT. The small file of bright asteroids as previously provided by the Minor Planet Center is no longer available. Note that download take some time size since it is a very large file. The program extract a selection based on number of asteroids required and limiting magnitude as set.

2019-11-24  HNSKY 4.1.7b. Adapted the anchor of button "abreviations" from right to left. Should help in 4k display mode.

2019-11-18  HNSKY 4.1.7a. This version will hide the horizon line if you make it exactly the same colour as the RA, DEC grid.

2019-9-19  Added IAU and Astronomy magazine constellation supplements,

2019-9-12  HNSKY 4.1.7, fixed a problem with the deepsky level slider. Adapted the server communication for frames import by the APT program.

2019-9-8  Minor update of the G16, G17, G18 databases

2019-9-7  Repacked using an (older) installer compatible with Windows XP.

2019-8-28  HNSKY 4.1.6c  Added an arm64 (aaarch64) version for Pi computers running a 64 bit operating system. Modified the http file download for this version.

2019-8-28  HNSKY 4.1.6b  Modified code for pulling a rectangle and measuring frame to be compatible with Raspian Buster.

2019-8-27  HNSKY 4.1.6a  Update for Linux version, fixing OpenSSL problem using the latest Linux distributions.

2019-8-25  HNSKY 4.1.6 Modified displaying FITS images that for all sources the same brightness settings are required. Fixed in themes version a display problem with image brightness trackbar.

2019-8-23  HNSKY 4.1.5 Fixed displaying SkyView fits files for very wide field. (Mellinger survey) Added experimental mosaic design export. Fixed OpenSSL problem for some new Linux versions.

2019-8-20  HNSKY 4.1.4a Fixed deleting a mosaic rectangle. Updated help file description designing a mosaic.

2019-8-18  HNSKY 4.1.4  Modified star database routine for small speed improvement. Removed JPL ephemerides links. In settings added buttons for path selection. 

2019-8-4  HNSKY 4.1.3a  Some cosmetic improvements. In the Linux version added a watchdog for internet access.

2019-8-1  HNSKY 4.1.3  Added Simbad online search. The RA, DEC grid gets ground colour below horizon.

2019-6-30  HNSKY 4.1.2a. Fixed a problem in hnsky_themes version with the object menu. Added support for kchmviewer to read deepsky.chm file.

2019-6-28  HNSKY 4.1.2. Added a HNSKY themes version. For 64 bit systems two HNSKY versions are installed. The second HNSKY_themes follows the Win10 themes. Disadvantage is that the pull down menu text is always black. Select a lighter background colour to compensate.

2019-6-27  HNSKY 4.1.1. Overhauled the menus to allow one source code for Windows, Linux and Linux Raspberry Pi. More space is introduced to prevent overlapping in other operating systems.

2019-6-25  HNSKY 4.1.0b. Fixed some browser help problem in the Linux versions.

2019-6-19  HNSKY 4.1.0. minor improvements.

2019-6-5  Added two new variable star supplements:

  - GCVS 800 short period variable stars.sup
  - GCVS 22500 variable stars.sup

2019-5-21  HNSKY version 4.1.01  Deep sky objects are now in one single file "deep_sky.hnd". For deep sky level setting a seperate slider is created. Therefore any search will look through the whole database.

2019-5-3  HNSKY version 4.0.5a  HyperLeda, change magnitude limit from vt to bt. Fixed search radius. Fixed astroid update for previous year data.  Updated the local HyperLeda  database.

2019-4-29  HNSKY version 4.0.5  Magnitude of downloaded online database is now limited by magnitude setting in the object menu. this will speedup the process.

2019-4-28  HNSKY version 4.0.4  New, online query HyperLeda and Simbad is plotted in map! Ned still goes to browser.

2019-4-15  HNSKY version 4.0.3a,b  Added get_position command to TCP/IP server.

2019-4-10  HNSKY version 4.0.3  Adapted to standard colour FITS files (naxis3=3). So any FITS files which is solved should be displayed correctly.

2019-4-9  HNSKY version 4.0.2b,c  Greatly improved reading external fits files. Contrast/data range is better adapted. Added keywords cwhite, cblack to fits file reading for better range settings.

2019-4-8 New German translation by Guido Hollenstein  added. 

2019-4-3  HNSKY version 4.0.2a,  Added: If asteroid file for this year is not available, download previous year.

2019-4-2  HNSKY version 4.0.2,  Added precession correction for celestial north & south cross. Same for polar scope view.

2019-3-18  HNSKY version 4.0.1, Finalised Alpaca,  improved polar alignment scope window, fixed a center problem if telescope tracking was on.

2019-3-15  HNSKY version 4.0.14, fixed equinox and some other things.

2019-3-11  HNSKY version 4.0.11x, first edition with internal ASCOM Alpaca client.

2018-12-11  HNSKY version 4.0.0x, improved ASCOM error handling. Fixed background colour trackbars of object menu.

2018-11-28  HNSKY version 4.0.0w, added moon Charon (Pluto) internal and as supplement. Note Pluto and Charon are both rotating around barycenter which is outside Pluto, so it is not perfect.

2018-11-4,  HNSKY version 4.0.0v, fixed some artifacts drawn by the measuring frame at high zoom factors.

2018-9-15,  HNSKY version 4.0.0u, A CCD frame is now a single object in supplement 2. This allow to retrieve the center position. Updated the server commands for CCD frame control. New frame angle definition conform PA for deep sky objects. 

2018-9-15,  HNSKY version 4.0.0t, added a delete_frame command for the sever. Second name of object is reported after a server object search. For frames this is the frame center position.

2018-8-18,  HNSKY version 4.0.0s, fixed a problem in the object menu, selecting supplement 2.

2018-8-15,  HNSKY version 4.0.0r, minor corrections in editor.

2018-8-03,  HNSKY version 4.0.0q,  overhauled the INDI client

2018-6-23,  updated Catalan translation en Esperanto.ini

2018-6-12,  HNSKY version 4.0.0p,  Added three supplements for  Nereid (Neptune moon),  Iapetus (Saturn moon) and Pasiphae (Jupiter Moon.) These supplements only work only with version 4.0.0p

2018-6-6,  updated the help file

2018-6-5,  HNSKY version 4.0.0o2,  Fixed again Fixed Galilean moons calculation. Added in settings adjustment for Jupiter Great Red Spot transit times

2018-6-4,  HNSKY version 4.0.0n,

                 - fixed a bug in Galilean moons calculation and updated red spot calculation.

                 - fixed night vision mode for Linux  

                - Added missing  tyc_717.290 to Windows installer

2018-6-3,  HNSKY version 4.0.0m2, replaced editor since it was causing problems under Linux.

2018-6-3,  HNSKY version 4.0.0L3, online version of Gaia has also star colors. Released version III of the G16 with all bright stars having colour information..

2018-6-1,  HNSKY version 4.0.0L2, fixed random but wrong colour indication  for databases other then G16. Released Linux version 4.0.0L.

2018-5-31,  HNSKY version 4.0.0L & new G16 database including Gaia colour information. This new database will only work with version 4.0.0L

2018-5-28,  HNSKY version 4.0.0k  adaption of icons to  Hi-DPI.

2018-5-23,  HNSKY version 4.0.0j  minor cosmetic improvements in menus

2018-5-22,  HNSKY version 4.0.0i2  Cosmetic improvements in menus

2018-5-20,  HNSKY version 4.0.0i  Adapted to Hi-DPI settings up to 192 dpi. Please report any problem with missing label or wrong position in the menu's. Many items have been adapted and something could be set wrong.

2018-5-16,  Linux 4.0.0h, Windows v4.0.0h1. Compiled with compiler option Hi-DPI.

2018-5-15,  Updated help files.

2018-5-10,  HNSKY 4.0.0h, removed GSC star catalogue support.

2018-5-8,  Native star database up to magnitude 18 based on Gaia DR2 released. Zoom in to the milky way to see stars up to magnitude 18.  Please update HNSKY to version 4.0.0.g  for correct slider settings.

2018-5-7,  New  Gaia DR2 based native star database. Magnitude is photographic BP. A Johnson V and visual magnitude will follow.

2018-4-25,  HNSKY version 4.0.0e, adapted online Gaia  to DR2 release. Improved plotting speed in some cases by 10-20%

2018-4-23, Updated Catalan translation.

2018-4-11, Added to two supplements, one with all stars within 100 light years and one with all stars with G2V spectrum.

2018-4-11,  HNSKY version 4.0.0e, fixed broken FITS routine of 4.0.0d

2018-4-11,  HNSKY version 4.0.0d, modified the "max magnitude" slider effect on asteroids. Less are displayed.  

2018-4-5,  HNSKY version 4.0.0c, build in a protection against compressed FITS files. 

2018-4-1,  HNSKY version 4.0.0b, fixed a problem starting the editor containing a large file. 

2018-3-27,  HNSKY version 4.0.0a, fixed the position of the mosaic building rectangle for mean and apparent coordinate systems.

2018-3-26,  Maintenance update. Improved Occult import, Fixed numerical integration of large asteroid files.

2018-3-23,  Maintenance update. Added small step zoom by Shift+Mouse wheel and small step rotation by Alt+Mouse wheel.

2018-3-19,  Adapted asteroid import for Occult .csv format.

2018-3-14,  fixed the help files for Chrome browser

2018-3-7, HNSKY version 4.0.0 is final and released

The program main changes compared with 3.4.0 are:

-    Improved swipe functionality.
-    New improved telescope cursor, the telescope is position is now shown as correct sized and orientated rectangle. Orientation can be set manually with mouse wheel while holding CTRL key down.
-    Added possibility to design mosaics. (measuring frame on, hit HOME. To remove rectangle hit CTRL+DEL)
-    Goto menu has slew to functionality if  "track telescope is on".
-    Three-state check-mark for asteroids and comets.  Grayed=all,  checked=auto
-    Three-state check-mark for star names. Off=bright stars only, Grayed=supplement stars only. Checked=All star names.
-    Vizier online server for star catalogue can be set in settings.

-    Added PPMXL online star catalog.
-    Added Lynds (LBN) supplement containing 1125 bright nebula as supplement and brightest to the deepsky level 3 database.
-    Added  Hickson Compact Groups of Galaxies (HCG as separate supplement and to the deepsky level 3 database.

New improved telescope cursor: 

Building mosaics:

2018-1-1, HNSKY 4.0.01,first release, executable only.  No changes in layout and functionality except swiping (left mouse button down) goes now very smooth with some overlap at fields <40 degrees. Mayor re-coding of graphic routine was required.

 HNSKY for  Windows version 3.4.0b.   Asteroid editor sees now .txt files from Minor planet making import easier.

New program released:
ASTAP, Astrometric Stacking Program version 0.0.0 (2017-11-2)
. This replaces HNS_FV

  HNS_FV  fits viewer version 0.0.028. Fixed a small mouse wheel problem in Win7 only.

2017-10-12,  HNSKY for  Windows & Linux version 3.4.0a1, fixed the help call of the editor, Linux fixed installation under education.

2017-10-11, Windows & Linux version 3.4.0a, fixed the help of the setting menu. HNS_FV  version 0.0.027, added HFD and FWHM values to the  info caption.

2017-9-30,  HNSKY for Windows & Linux version 3.4.0. released.

2017-9-29,  Windows beta 3.4.018 and stable version 3.3.5k, fixed some non-English language problems and overhauled repaint.

,  Windows beta 3.4.017 and stable version 3.3.5, overhaul drawing routine. Prepared for translations.

2017-9-22,  Windows beta 3.4.016, small modification in server output for the measuring frame angle.
Demonstration video of the server link between  APT 3.3.7  & HNSKY 3.4.0 and  HNS_FV:

Demonstration video of the server link between CCDciel and HNSKY:

2017-9-21,  HNS_FV  version 0.0.026, fixed front-end problems. Now you can rename it as PlateSolve2.exe and it will create plate solved FITS files from every file.

2017-9-18/20, Windows stable version 3.3.5j and Windows/Linux beta 3.4.015 , overhauled the CCD measuring frame routine resulting in a more reliable repaint. 
2017-9-17, Stable version 3.3.5i and beta 3.4.014 , CCD measuring frame can be free rotated using Ctrl + Mouse scroll wheel.

2017-9-16, Stable version 3.3.5h with cosmetic changes. Final version 3.4.0 will be issued soon,   HNS_FV   Version 0.0.25, cosmetic changes.

2017-9-13,  Linux and Windows v3.4.013_FPC, server bug fixes.

2017-9-7,  Linux and Windows v3.4.012_FPC, updated the server commands. For communication with Astro photography Tool & CCDciel in the near future.    

2017-9-3/4HNS_FV   Version 0.0.024, added histogram and pop-up menu. Find platesolve2.exe by double click. Fixed conversion of JPG and PNG files.

2017-8-22, Deepsky database update. code optimalisation for Windows v3.3.5g and Windows & Linux version v3.4.011_FPC. Fixed auto daylight savings in FPC version.

2017-8-16, Windows v3.3.5f and  v3.4.09_FPC,  Minor improvements in search window.

2017-8-15, Windows and Linux  v3.4.08_FPC,  Improved again swipe reliability.

2017-8-14, Windows v3.3.5e2, swipe cursor update.
                   Windows v3.4.07_FPC,  fixed auto connect telescope, swipe cursor update. Improved swipe reliability.

2017-8-13, Linux and Windows v3.4.05_FPC,   live swipe.  See Youtube channel.  Fixed automatic daylight savings for time zones in America. 

2017-8-12, Windows v3.3.5b, c, d, e   live swipe.  See Youtube channel.  Fixed automatic daylight savings for time zones in America. 

2017-8-11, Windows v3.3.5a, / v3.4.04,   delayed the swipe cursor a few pixels. Fixed asteroid import from Occult.
2017-8-10, Windows v3.3.5, added basic swipe screen functionality. hold CTRL-key and press left mouse button to swipe with the mouse. If swipe is enabled in settings, no CTRL key press is required. It is a very basic swipe-screen function. Screen is not updated until the mouse button is released. Note that near the celestial poles you swipe a globe which turns around the poles.
Window version 3.4.03_FPC with a server.  Work in progress.  Intension is to continue with the FPC version only.

2017-8-9HNS_FV   Version 0.0.021, strech draw, ctrl-z function. Fast Bayer matrix conversion.

2017-8-1HNS_FV   FITS image viewer which can call PlateSolve2 and add the plate solution to the FITS header. Version 0.0.01

2017-7-28, Windows 3.3.4d, Minor fix in measuring frame.
2017-7-27, Windows 3.4.01_FPC version with server to be controlled from APT. Download 3.4.0  Work in progress
Intension is to continue with the FPC version only.

2017-7-16, Updated Esperanto and Catalan language files.

2017-6-29, MS Windows version 3.3.4c,  Linux version 3.3.4b_FPC. Fixed the mouse position indication in cylindrical projection.

2017-6-23, MS Windows version 3.3.4b, Linux version 3.3.4a_FPC.  Fixed a path problem opening a FIT's file using the pull down menu.
updated Spanish language module, "Deepsky level 3" and "Sharpless2, catalog of HII regions (emission nebulae).sup"

- MS Windows version 3.3.4a. Linux version 3.3.4_FPC. Fixed updating FITS checkbox in object menu. Improved some night vision colors in Moon & dark skies window. Updated deep sky database for Sharpless-2 objects without H-alpha emissions.

- MS Windows version 3.3.4. Updated the Moon & dark skies window: 1) Added adjustable colors for the twilights , 2) astronomical twilight definition is adjustable. 3) added date scrolling.

- Added two new (small) supplements: Landolt UBVRI photometric standard stars in the magnitude range 11,5-16,0 and Miles stars with spectral data. 

- MS Windows version 3.3.3f, added to UCAC4 info the APASS B-V magnitude for estimating star color and the calculated star temperature and class.

- Linux version 3.3.3L_FPC (amd64 and i386) Fixed a major problem with mouse position detection (source code typo). Secondly a fix for the Linux version preventing application hanging if no internet connection available. For the Linux version the Skyview download link should be changed from http to https to make it working! In version 3.3.3L1 this is done automatically.

- MS Windows version 3.3.3e
- Linux version 3.3.3k_FPC (amd64 and i386)
Reintroduced midnight=24:00 hours as far as possible. I was not happy with the temporary 23:00 hours solution. The time input still doesn't allow 24:00 hours /12:00 PM and will show midnight as next day at 00:00 hours/12:00 AM. Since it is a standard module mirroring the operating system time format it can't be changed.
Fixed a problem with syntax check for supplements.

- Linux version 3.3.3j_FPC fixed some path problems for help file and selecting FITS directory. Adapted some windows for large font size. Issued Linux i386 version (32 bit)
- MS Windows version 3.3.3d3, fixed a font problem in Windows 7.

Linux version 3.3.3h_FPC repacked with correct permissions set for the non English .ini files. The non-english files where not accessible You could solve this manually by following command line:
sudo chmod 666 /opt/hnsky/*.ini

New Catalan help file by Antoni Clavell  and updated Esperanto translation of the program  by Ramon Perera.
Windows version 3.3.3d2,  added some words to translations.
Linux version 3.3.3h_FPC, fixed a problem with the grid in mean equinox of date. Added some words for translation.

Windows version 3.3.3d,  Linux version 3.3.3g_FPC, fixed a problem that in rare case magnitude of stars was not given.
Added the Win10 Night light option to the night vision mode. Note this will only work if you have the latest Win10 updates and it will take 10 minutes to reach maximum red color shift. If switches off, Win10 will take 10 minutes to restore the normal colors.

 Linux version 3.3.3f_FPC, fixed in Settings menu the dropdown list of  non-English versions.

 Linux version 3.3.3d_FPC adapted for new folder /opt/hnsky.

 Windows 3.3.3c, fixed a problem in the status as introduced inversion 3.3.3b.
 Linux version 3.3.3c_FPC, Major overhaul Linux version:

- Fixed a problem with the time menu
- Fixed unreliable zooming using rectangle.
- Removed night vision from menu.
- Fixed manual entry in Object and Animation menu.
- Fixed presentation of some Ok buttons
- Adjusted some window layouts.
- Removed INDI message during start.
- Closed deepsky circles since bug in FPC was fixed.

2017-5-4,  Windows version 3.3.3b, added CTRL+double mouse click for telescope pointing. 

2017-5-3,  Linux version 3.3.3b_FPC.  Fixed some path problems. Now released in a Debian package.

2017-4-29,  Linux version 3.3.3a_FPC Fixed some problem in the INDI interface. Works now reliable for remote control using  INDI and with drivers like LX90, LX200, Celestron.

2017-4-16,  very minor corrections in the help files.

2017-4-14,  HNSKY version 3.3.3. Added access to wide field DSS images from NAO.  This allows large fields up to 6  similar as Skyview. Example:

2017-4-12,  HNSKY version 3.3.2d and Linux version 3.3.2d_FPC, several minor corrections.

2017-4-9,  HNSKY version 3.3.2c and Linux version 3.3.2c_FPC. Some minor improvements. The Linux version is no longer . Will be identified with same version ending with FPC.

2017-4-7,  HNSKY version 3.3.2. Two new features for supplement manipulation and one could be be used to keep a logbook of observations :

Edit menu for a single supplement entry:
1) For convenience HNSKY provides and additional edit menu to access a single supplement entry. This could be used to add a log or an observation in the "type" field.  You could either use an existing supplement or add a new label at the mouse position (home key). Rename an existing supplement before you use it otherwise a new HNSKY version could overwrite it if updated.
See in the online help file:

Import tool in the editor:
2) New option for creating a supplement from a text list of objects. I made this for personal use. If I copy my HTML based astro image web page and then paste it inside the editor, the program will process and create a list of labels with their corresponding position. All recognizable deep sky names will be recorded once and remainder will be ignored. This helps me personally to keep an updated record of deep sky objects images taken. Any textual list of deep sky object will be imported. Maybe useful for others.

2017-3-31,  Introduced Spanish help file. Excellent translation work by Roberto
2017-3-8,  HNSKY Linux version 3.342. Fixed a problem with the map clock.

2017-3-7 and 8,   Help file overhaul, Roberto made very nice new style. Thanks. Hope you like it.

2017-3-6, HNSKY version 3.3.1a/ 3.341 Updated the help file and non-English files.

2017-3-2, HNSKY version 3.3.1  Significant update:
- Added a modern date & time input and a monthly calender. The calendar doesn't allow dates beyond year 1752 and 9999 so there is still an traditional input.  The midnight button is now setting 23:00 hours. since 24:00 hours is not allowed in the current setup.

- Automatic daylight saving adjustment for time zones  in the setting menu
            USA:      PST/PDT, MST/MDT, CST/CDT, EST/EDT
            Europe:  GMT/BST CET/CEST
The daylight saving is based on the current valid rules and works from 1977 (arbitrary) to year 20.000+. No effort is made to follow historical  changes using a so called Time Zone Database. Using the function buttons F3, F4, F5, F6 it is possible to step through the daylight saving dates changes.

- Uses the decimal separator dot or comma as specified in your (Windows) system settings . However the dot as separator is always accepted.

Both the daylight saving and date & time menu took significant effort to implement. Please review and report any bug or problem.

Some work for the translation files is still required.
2017-2-25, HNSKY version 3.3.0f, added the ASCOM telescope driver park,/unpark, setpark, home and tracking functions

2017-2-23, HNSKY version 3.3.0e/3.340, included comets in the min size: auto mode of the OBJECT menu.

2017-2-22, HNSKY version 3.3.0d, added a help link for Jet Propulsion Laboratory Development Ephemeris

2017-2-21, HNSKY version 3.3.0c/3.339, Changed open cluster contour to dotted line to follow the convention.  

2017-2-20, HNSKY version 3.3.0b/3.338, Added comet and minor planet velocity to statusbar message. Unit is arcsec/hour sky motion. Could be used in PHD2 for comet guiding.

2017-2-18,  Overhauled the  deep sky database. Added some objects from the old SAC72. Replaced all published brightness values by calculated values.  Now more consistent brightness values. 

2017-2-16, HNSKY version 3.0.0/3.337, added  α,  δ  symbols for RA and DEC  If you don;t like this select English languge in settings menu. Updated non English ini files. Updated the help file.

2017-2-15, HNSKY version 3.3.0, (3.337 Linux), Added support for Jet Propulsion Laboratory Development Ephemeris (like DE430, DE431). Covering years 13,000 to +16,999 . The Jet Propulsion Laboratory Development Ephemeris  will bring high accuracy for occultations. Overhauled planet unit. Added apparent position.  Updated time menu and added Julian day input.

2017-2-1, HNSKY version 3.2.7f/3.336, fixed a problem in IAU designation. Fixed some initialization problems after  closing polar view window.

2017-1-18, Very minor update in the Deepsky database 3.

2016-12-17, HNSKY version 3.2.7d/3.334, improvement in star_index.  Removed some PGC and vdB doubles in the deepsky database. The current deepsky database is one of the finest error free compilations available.

2016-12-15, HNSKY version 3.2.7c, fixed set time menu alignment for higher DPI settings.

2016-12-11, HNSKY version 3.2.7b /3.334 , added tool bar buttons to the "set_time" menu. Fixed a small problem in the drawing mode. Updated Deepsky level 3.hnd.. Added VDB supplement.

2016-11-24, HNSKY version 3.2.7a /3.333 , changed the north/south line in dotted line for meridian flip and other reasons.

2016-11-22, HNSKY version 3.2.7 /3.332 , all numbers on the altitude grid and horizon have now orientation zenith. This to assist you with orientation and it looks nicer.

2016-10-30, HNSKY version 3.2.6.e, made all extensions in editor down case. Added a Kepler K2 campaign supplement as demonstrator of the supplement possibilities. Moon occultations in Kepler field:

2016-10-15,  HNSKY version 3.2.6.d & Linux 3.331d, overhauled the bright star (text) find routine.

2016-10-12,  HNSKY version 3.2.6b & Linux 3.331b, introduced the 290-9 and 290-5 star database format. Reduced file size again with 10%  and 17%. Each star in the Gaia or U16 databases takes around 5 bytes disk space. These database versions are compacter but there is no gain in speed. You could keep the older databases for time being. For technical details see the help file. Made the star plotting routine a little faster. Disabled the mouse find function for disabled deep sky database.

2016-10-4/6,  HNSKY version 3.2.5a & Linux 3.330 and new compacter format for the star databases without quality loss. TYC and TUC record size goes from 11 to 10 byte saving  9% space. U16 and G17 go from 7 to 6 bytes saving 14% space. Works only with very latest HNSKY versions 3.2.5a en  3.330. These database versions are compacter but there is no gain in speed. You could keep the old databases. For technical details see help file.

2016-10-2, GAIA native HNSKY database up to magnitude 17 contains 164 million Gaia stars. Note that Gaia DR1 is missing some stars so is less suitable  for star maps. HNSKY version 3.2.4b or Linux 3.328 required, just released today. Unpack in the program directory, typically c:\program files\hnsky

2016-10-2, HNSKY version 3.2.4b & Linux 3.328. For above Gaia 290 star database.

2016-9-26, issued a new version of the TUC star database up to magnitude 15. Contains 7 % more stars due to other magnitude selection.

2016-9-25, HNSKY version 3.2.4a & Linux 3.326.  Fixed a problem in reading U16 star database type 290 with 7 byte record size. 

2016-9-24, New, native HNSKY database up to magnitude 16 contains 113 million stars. A compilation of UCAC4 and Tycho-2. (RAR file of 437 mbytes). HNSKY version or Linux 3.325 required.  No Tycho-2 or UCAC4 indentifiers are available due to 7 byte record size. Instead an IAU style designation based on the position is used.

2016-9-22, HNSKY version 3.2.4 & Linux 3.325.    Introduced 7 byte record size in 290 database. 

2016-9-14, HNSKY version 3.2.3b, Gaia DR1 support using Vizier online database up to magnitude 20. Gaia proper motion implemented.

2016-9-5 HNSKY version 3.2.3a, fixed an stream error if switching off the online database. Adapted plotting range of the TUC database to magnitude 15.

2016-9-2 Native HNSKY database up to magnitude 15 containing 36 million stars made form TYCHO-2 and UCAC4. Compressed in a RAR archive the size is 192 mbytes. It will only work with the latest version 3.2.3. of HNSKY since it is in the "290" format. Abbreviation in the program as TUC

2016-8-8 HNSKY for LINUX,  version 3.323, 7z  archive. (70 mbytes) or executable only for Linux and MS Windows ), 4 mbytes.  Just extract somewhere in your home folder. Executable is the file "hnsky" Remove the .d32 files manually. They are replaced by .290 files.

2016-08-08, update in star database .290 files. Now complete Tycho+UCAC4 up to magn 12.5. (290 files date 2016-8-8-23:58, 23:59)
2016-08-06, HNSKY version 3.2.3 with new .290 star file format. Installer will replace the d32 files with .290 files!  This star database format will be faster and allow larger star databases
290 fields

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