HNS_FV.ZIP   version 0.0.027 (2017-10-15)        Pascal source

 FITS viewer which can call PlateSolve2 and add the plate solution to the FITS header. Also PNG and JPEG files can be plate solved. The program will convert them to the FITS format.  With the batch routine several FITS image can be "plate solved".   The viewer can convert raw images of sensors with a Bayer matrix to color.

HNS_FV screen shot:

 PlateSolve2 is a good plate solver but can’t write the plate solution to the FITS header using standard keywords. HNS_FV can call the PlateSolve2 program and writes the found plate solution to the FITS file header using standard keywords.

Working of the program:

In principle it should be possible to rename the program as Platesolve2 and call it instead of PlateSolve2. The solution will then written automatically to the FITS file. The plate solution is read from the APM file produced by PlateSolve2.

There is a big variation in FITS file keywords. If this version doesn't work, please send me the FITS file for testing.

Send a message if you like this free program. Feel free to distribute !

Download: HNS_FV.ZIP

Succes,  Han  K