For the new Win10 64 bit Creators edition Microsoft provides an app which will install a Linux sub-system capable of running Linux command-line programs.

It is possible to run the plate-solve package in this Linux subsystem. The advantage is a pretty new version,  currently at v0.67. Windows programs as Astrotortilla and ANSVR install an older  v0.38 version of 2010 compiled for Cygwin. The slightly different command-line is not yet supported by several software packages. ASTAP supports it. Other program could use my little Bash interface program see describtion below or you could simple use the Windows command-line.  

Furthermore the Creators edition has problems with AMD graphic cards. I had trouble in getting my old working driver back. So be warned.


# Installation guideline (2017-12-16) local version of v0.67 in a Linux sub system of Win10 64 bit, Creators edition.

# With the Win10-Creators edition, it possible to install Windows subsystem for Linux:
# Install the Ubuntu installer (OpenSuse and Sles are also available) as indicated in above webpage.

# open the Ubuntu window or open a Windows cmd window and enter bash.
# execute the following Linux commands (the update is required to allow to be installled):
sudo apt udate
sudo apt install

# Download the index files up to 10% of your image scale, so up to 22 arcmin (-08-19, -07) or 16 arc min (
-08-19, -07, -06)
sudo apt install astrometry-data-2mass-08-19
sudo apt install astrometry-data-2mass-07
sudo apt install astrometry-data-2mass-06
# Check if the index files (index....fits) are available by entering the Linux command:
dir /usr/share/astrometry

# test the solver using a fits file on the Windows system .e.g. image at c:\astap.fpc\
# Open a Windows cmd window and enter:
C:\Windows\System32\bash.exe -c "solve-field /mnt/c/astap.fpc/ --overwrite --downsample 4"


bash -c "solve-field /mnt/c/astap.fpc/ --overwrite --downsample 4"


Additional information:
# Note that your Linux home folder is at something like: C:\Users\H\AppData\Local\Packages\CanonicalGroupLimited.UbuntuonWindows_79rhkp1fndgsc\LocalState\rootfs\home
# where "H" is the Windows user name.
# Case is important in the Linux command. Drive C: is lowercase /mnt/c

# Alternatively you can also download the index files in Windows and place them in the Windows system (c:\temp\astrometry)
# Copy the index files to Ubuntu subsystem (/usr/share/astrometry) by entering the Linux command:
sudo cp /mnt/c/temp/astrometry/*.*  /usr/share/astrometry
# The directory /usr/share/astrometry, is specified in /etc/astrometry.cfg but can be altered

# The NGC/IC annotation functionality is removed in the Debian package for copyright reasons and can't be restored without recompiling.

Interface program

I made a little interface program bash.exe. It will accept a command line from any program executing the Cygwin bash.exe and execute the c:\windows\system32\bash.exe with the converted command line. Any command -line not containing solve-field with executed without modification.

Simplest solution is to replace the existing Cygwin bash.exe (keep a copy of the old bash.exe).
Alternatively you could install it in an other directory if your are capable of setting the path to the Cygwin Bash.exe . If you place it in \astrometry\bin, you most likely have to enter \astrometry in your program.
It will write a log file bash_replacement_log.txt with the command input and output for debugging at the place of program execution.

So the Win10 Linux subsystem installed solver can work as a replacement for the Cygwin solver.

I have tested it with CCDciel only. This will not work for ANSVR & SGP

Use it at your own risk. It contains a compiled executable and FPC source.:    updated version 2018-02-01

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