Planets with the ETX

Here is the best ETX picture of Mars using the webcam video camera. Compare it with the LX10 result on the LX10 experiences.

This is one of my my best pictures of Jupiter. When looking through a telescope jupiter looks better. However this one is digitized.


An other good picture of jupiter.The conversion to the photo cd was not perfect and it looks not so good as on the slide.


This is a picture of Saturn. Difficult to recognize.On the slide it looks even worse. By manipulating the gray balance and introducing a none lineair gray scale it looks more like Saturn.


On the slide this one of Saturn was looking pretty good. So was thinking of transfering it to a photo cd. Howevere due to the fact that in the last months I made only a few pictures, it would be a little expensive. So I found an other way in converting it to a file. For this I used my slide projector and a simple handscanner. First the slide was projected on a piece of transparant paper (taped on glas, a few meters away) and then the image was scanned from the paper backside with my very simple GS4500 handscanner. This works fine for high contrast slides containing small objects but it did not work very well with slide of Jupiter.