Last update 2002-12-31

Experiences with the Meade LX200, part 3

The wonderful but very noisy machine.

Meade makes nice telescopes but the service is awful. My telescope was outside Meade specification but after being 9 month's away, the problem is disputed and effectively nothing has been done. The story  is described in:  The service of Meade 

In September 2002,   The weather was fine an I had some time to make some nice CCD images. The best are show here:

The first is NGC7635, the famous bubble nebula. If you look well you can see the bubble. The second is the large bright M27 and finally the small bright M57:

NGC7635 m27 m57

The first two images show the north and south part of M31. There can be some faint dust lanes seen. In the south part of M31 there is the small bright companion to galaxy M32. The last is the galaxy M33 showing knots of unresolved star clouds. It is positioned 15 degrees south-west of M31.

m31 m32 near M31 m33

The star cluster and nebulosity M8 and barred spiral galaxy NGC7479:

m8 ngc7479

The open cluster M103 and globular cluster M22 :

m103  m22

Other images are indicated in the image index