HNSKY running under Linux using emulators Cedega or Wine.

Date:  05-12-2009

I wish to report success using HNSKY under Ubuntu Linux.


a) Download hnsky230_large.exe to the Desktop in Ubuntu 9.04.

b) Open hnsky230_large.exe with "Wine Windows Program Loader" (Wine 1.0.1 already installed).

c) Install as if in Windows.

d) On first run, there is a small bug that the "New User" dialogue

will not close if you take the time to read the window content first, but instead is launched repeatedly, preventing you from closing the HNSKY process. This can overload the system. One way to stop this is to kill the HNSKY application (one method is to use System -> Administration -> System Monitor from the main panel, locate the HNSKYprocess in the Processes Tab listing, right click and select Kill Process). One solution to the bug is to immediately close the "New User" window before it starts to load multiple times, then open the "Settings" window and Save your location details. Of course now you are not a "New User" any longer.

e) A similar bug as in d) occurs if you select "Load FITS Image".

f) All else seems to run fine.

Thank you for making the program available. I used it for years in Windows but now have moved on to Linux.


Date:  23-6-2005 10:12

Dear Han,

After all, excuse me for my bad english.

I use hnsky under wine. I had installed wine typing in terminal with user permissions : [wine hnsky230.exe] The installator works fine but gives an ininfluent error when try to create the menu icon. For launch hnsky i type in terminal with user permissions [cd /home/pietro/.wine/c/Programme/hnsky; wine hnsky.exe] Hnsky works fine, but is slower to draw maps then under windows 2000, especially when the star field is little. The 2.3.0 version seems faster then the 2.2.2, but is only an impression, i have not take measure. Hnsky under wine doesn't draw correctly the name of the small stars when active the "name all stars" in the object menu. I think that is caused by I haven't installed the Microsoft Symbol true type font. I used hnsky for some nights without dramatic problems on both my machine.

System information:

1.1) desktop software Fedora core 3, kernel 2.6.9, xorg 6.8.2, Ati driver 8.14.13, gnome 2.8. Wine 2005.03.10, wine tools 2.1.1. I had installed with wine tools dcom98, ie6sp1, some MS true type fonts. hnsky 2.3.0i 1.2) desktop hardware athlon xp nforce2 ati radeon 9500

2.1) notebook software Fedora core 3, kernel 2.6.9, xorg 6.8.0, DRI driver, gnome 2.8. Wine 2005.01.11, wine tools 2.1.1. I had installed with winetools dcom98, ie6sp1, some MS true type fonts. hnsky 2.2.2j 2.2) notebook hardware pentium 4 (no ht)  sis 645dx ati radeon 9000 mobile.

In the next days I will try hnsky under cedegaCVS, installed with this script I hope that run faster than under wine.


Pietro De Ponte


Date:  27-6-2005 9:30

Dear Han,

as promised in the previous email you, I write my experience with hnsky in linux under cedegacvs. I installed cvscedega with this script The script runs with user permission, and during the setup i had select the profile 0*) cedega_head_userinstall. I fail to install hnsky230.exe, also after to have install to in cedegaCVS the dcom98. I have copied the folder of hnsky installation under windows in the file system of cedegaCVS (/home/pietro/.cvscedega/c_drive). I have launch hnsky with the command cd/home/pietro/.cvscedega/c_drive/hnsky2.30 ; cvscedega hnsky.exe &

Hnsky runs faster under cedega then under wine; it is near at the quickly under windows. Hnsky under cedega writes correctly the names of the small stars, as in windows, but it has a little problem: it writes the names of the object over the menus. This problem does not compromise the usefulness of the program If you are interested to other information, also write to me. The two attachments are screen shots of hnsky under linux.

Thanks for hnsky: it is perfect because it offers all the necessary functions and has a simple interface.


Pietro De Ponte

HNSKY under Cedega:

HNSKY under Wine: