HNS_REAL is a  program to extract images from a local copy of the DSS (Digital Sky Survey ) or Realsky . It is based on the freeware  DLL get_dss.dll. The HNS_REAL program can be operated manually, by DDE or used in a command line mode. To use it  you need a local copy of the DSS or Realsky CD's. It doesn't  provide a web functionality.



Manual: Just enter the required RA/DEC position and click on "GET IT".

DDE server: HNS_REAL can be DDE controlled from the HNSKY program (old v3 only) and objects can be centered by clicking on them with the right mouse button. Secondly there position can be send back by DDE to HNSKY using the left mouse button. So position of the objects can be compared. Important for DDE control:

 1) Put HNSKY and HNS_REAL in same directory.

 2) Start HNS_REAL first. HNSKY will be started automatically.

 3) If not on, switch-on the DDE in HNSKY with cntrl-7.

If your FITS directory in HNSKY is set to the HNS_REAL directory, you will get every result blended in the next screen refresh.

DDE client: The program can be controlled as a DDE client from the attached Excel table. 

Command line mode: This program can also be used to generate batch-wise FITS picture files by executing the program with the following parameters:


If the filename is specified, the program will create the FITS file and quit. Normally 16 bit FITS file will be created but with the file extension ".FIT8" specified, additional 8 bit FITS will be created. An example batch file for creating all Messier images is attached.

Batch-wise conversion: The program can also read 8 or 16 bit integer and 32 bit floating point FITS files. Those files can be saved as BMP or 8 bit integer FITS files for use with HNSKY.


The GET_DSS.DLL is based on the REALSKY/DSS decoding work of Bill Gray of .  For non-commercial purpose only. See remarks at

The Realsky or DSS CD's have to be purchased seperately.

Send a message if you like this free program. Feel free to distribute !

Download: HNS_REAL.ZIP

Succes,  Han  Kleijn