History of the ASTAP, Astrometric stacking program

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2018-2-14,  ASTAP 0.9.1,  Added tilt measurement to CCD inspector, Added background equalization tool under pixel math.
2018-2-14,  ASTAP 0.9.0,  Improved vieuwer low, medium, high settings. Fixed deleting files of astromentry.net.
2018-1-15,  ASTAP 0.4.4,  Added multi selection in image list.
2017-12-17,  ASTAP 0.4.3,  Improvement in CCD inspector and image analyser.
2017-12-16,  ASTAP 0.4.2,  Added CCD inspector. Fixed image analyser problem.
2017-12-16,  ASTAP 0.4.1,  Added access to Astrometry.net running in a Win10 Linux subsystem.
2017-12-12,  ASTAP 0.4.0b,  Fixed long commands for astrometry.net
2017-12-12,  ASTAP 0.4.0a,  Added some error messages for local astrometry.net. Improved live reporting astrometry.net
2017-12-12,  ASTAP 0.4.0,   First release Linux version, Several improvements.
2017-11-30,  ASTAP 0.3.0,  Several improvements.
2017-11-30,  ASTAP 0.2.2,  Several improvements, introduced median-equalise filter.
2017-11-29,  ASTAP 0.2.0,  Several improvements.
2017-11-24,  ASTAP 0.1.5,  Added mosaic equalise background mode.
2017-11-23,  ASTAP 0.1.4,  Added sort possibility to image list. You can sort on HFD or any other column.
2017-11-22,  ASTAP 0.1.3,   Stacked files are now marked as ......stacked.fit and ignored if tried to stack again. Adapted tiff 32 bit export to full range. Moved naxis3 up to position 5 in the keywords. Finding solution  is now done at the beginning of  stacking (if header is not used}
2017-11-21,  ASTAP 0.1.1a  Fixed some minor things. Simplied pixel size for astrometry.net solver.
2017-11-20,  ASTAP 0.1.1  Many small improvements. CMD console is now monitored and if closed action is taken.
2017-11-19,  ASTAP 0.1.0  Added SIP (Simple Imaging Polynomial)  support, Write FITS files as multiple of 2880 bytes. Fixed several small things.
2017-11-17,  ASTAP 0.0.9a  Fixed color conversion using astrometry.net,  added the header from first FITS to stacked image. Log follows resizing of stack menu. Improved Windows interface,. Adaption to PixInSight -32 bit files.
2017-11-16,  ASTAP 0.0.8  Fixed some problems including using PlateSolve2.
2017-11-15,  ASTAP 0.0.7a  Fixed Digital development Process for color and some small improvements.
2017-11-13,  ASTAP 0.0.7  Improved viewer menu and performance. Improved export routine including streched TIFF files and variable JPEG compression. Select the correct file in file dialog.
2017-11-12,  ASTAP 0.0.5  New dark filter.
2017-11-11,  ASTAP 0.0.4  Added a FITS crop function using the right mouse button.
2017-11-10,  ASTAP 0.0.3  Fixed a dark subtraction problem in mode average.
2017-11-10,  ASTAP 0.0.2  New name ASTAP. Added digital development and several other improvements.
2017-11-8,  ASTAP 0.0.1  Added Astrometry.net local and several improvements.
2017-11-5,  ASTAP 0.0.0e  Fixed regional decimal seperator problem.
2017-11-2,  ASTAP, Astrometric Stacking Program version 0.0.0 (2017-11-2). This replaces HNS_FV



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