History of the ASTAP, Astrometric stacking program

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2019-10-20  ASTAP 0.9.283   Added RAW, JPEG, TIFF, PNG format to Live stacking.
2019-10-19  ASTAP 0.9.283   Fixed some problems in Live stacking.
2019-10-19  ASTAP 0.9.282   Fixed some problems in Live stacking.
2019-10-18  ASTAP 0.9.281   Fixed some problems in Live stacking.
2019-10-18  ASTAP 0.9.280   Some small corrections.
2019-10-18  ASTAP 0.9.279   Some small changes in "live stacking"
2019-10-17  ASTAP 0.9.278  Added "live stacking". Added memo scroll to end for Linux.

2019-10-16  ASTAP 0.9.277  Added camera gain to the listview. Added fits header keyword values of AMB-TEMP and TAMBIENT  to FocTemp in list to stack.
2019-10-12  ASTAP 0.9.276a  Removed a beep sound which was left after testing.
2019-10-10  ASTAP 0.9.276  Added the command line option -analyse
2019-10-01  ASTAP 0.9.275  Fixed a double menu shortcut. Improved automatic detection OSC raw images.
2019-09-30  ASTAP 0.9.274  Added auto mode for FOV.
2019-09-30  ASTAP 0.9.273a  Prevent run time failure when trying to de-mosaic a fully saturated image.
2019-09-29,  ASTAP 0.9.273  Overhauled Mosaic routine for smoother borders. Added 180 degrees swap of FITS data.
2019-09-27,  ASTAP 0.9.272  Commandline has now priority above fits header. Fixed image sticking option. Removed some additional platesolve2 menus.
2019-09-26,  ASTAP 0.9.271  Moved messages from window.caption to statusbar. Annotations will be saved in the FITS header under key "annotate="
2019-09-24,  ASTAP 0.9.270  Set default downsampling to zero (automatic). Limited the database field internally to 10 degrees. Added support for readout of third-order polynomial SIP ( Simple Imaging Polynomial) calibration.
2019-09-23,  ASTAP 0.9.269  Added -log option to the command line. Added to viewer menu the option "inverse image".
2019-09-20,  ASTAP 0.9.268  Fixed a window popup after failure to solve.

The ASTAP versions 0.9.264 / 0.9.265/ 0.9.266 / 0.9.267 are effected by a command-line mode bug. If used in the commandline mode and the solving fails an ASTAP window will open and wait for user input. It doesn't happen if ASTAP is used as a PlateSolve2 substitute. So only NINA and CCDCiel program users are effected.

These versions where available for download between 2019-9-17 and 2019-9-20. If you have one of these versions, please upgrade to version 0.9.268

2019-09-20,  ASTAP 0.9.267  Fixed a brief window popup after command line solving.
2019-09-20,  ASTAP 0.9.266a  Some changes in font size, mainly for Linux.
2019-09-19,  ASTAP 0.9.266  Introduced 90 degree rotation for the viewer.
2019-09-18,  ASTAP 0.9.265  Introduced automatic selection down sampling {=0}
2019-09-17,  ASTAP 0.9.264  Improved shutdown process when called from other program
2019-09-16,  ASTAP 0.9.263  
2019-09-15,  ASTAP 0.9.262  Added drop file(s) functionality.
2019-09-14,  ASTAP 0.9.261  Added an option to calibrate an image prior to solving. This intended for uncooled and therefore noisy cameras.
2019-09-11,  ASTAP 0.9.260  Improved SNR calculation and therefore solving of star rich images.
2019-09-10,  ASTAP 0.9.259  Added manual solving by entering two stars positions. Rewrote math of annotation.
2019-09-8, Minot tweak in the star databases.
2019-09-6,  ASTAP 0.9.258a  Cosmetic menu changes.
2019-09-4,  ASTAP 0.9.258  Blink routine, clears default the edges, fixed the star suppression problem, added a black spot filter for button "export aligned".
2019-09-3, released i386 and arm64 (aarch64) versions.
2019-08-31,  ASTAP 0.9.257a  Minor functionality changes for button "export aligned".
2019-08-30,  ASTAP 0.9.257  Added automatic scroll function for tab images. Added "export aligned" button to blink tab. Added at image tab extra column "star-level" to detect poor images. Poor sky transparency will give a lower value.
2019-08-29,  Added named bright stars to the deepsky database.
2019-08-28,  ASTAP 0.9.256  Fixed a galaxy orientation problem in the annotation routine.
2019-08-20,  ASTAP 0.9.255  Removed restrictions on FOV. Fields of 10 or 20 degrees are allowed. Added -o commandline option for MacOS, Others will follow.
2019-08-20,  ASTAP 0.9.254  For APT calls adapt PlateSolve2 behaviour to v2.28. Decimal separator follows Windows setting.
2019-08-17,  ASTAP 0.9.253  Fixed a star annotation problem in the 32 bit version.
2019-08-15,  ASTAP 0.9.253  Fixed a minor solver problem around RA=0.
2019-08-14,  ASTAP 0.9.252  Several small cosmetic changes and corrections.

2019-08-10,  ASTAP 0.9.251  Mayor work-over astrometric solver. Increased solving reliability at star database boundaries.

2019-08-6,  ASTAP 0.9.250  Added 16, 14 and 12 bit DSLR cameras options for deBayer method AstroC.  
2019-08-5,  ASTAP 0.9.249  Fixed a problem for Bias files, conversion raw to FITS.
2019-08-5,  ASTAP 0.9.248  Fixed a problem importing TIFF files with comments.
2019-08-5,  ASTAP 0.9.247a  Added in the colour smooth routine an automatic green correction to prevent purple stars
2019-08-4,  ASTAP 0.9.247  Modified colour smooth routine OSC images.
2019-08-4,  ASTAP 0.9.246  Adding automatically the user name to the path of the remote Astrometry.net
2019-08-2,  ASTAP 0.9.245  Fixed menu colour for other themes.
2019-08-2,  ASTAP 0.9.244  Added possibility to load settings. Modified directory of astap.cdg. For Windows moved to C:\Users\user name\AppData\Local\astap.  For Linux move to /home/username/.config/astap  Added .nef extension.
2019-07-28,  ASTAP 0.9.243  Avoiding reporting negative angles in PlateSolve2 mode. SGP seems to interpretate negative angles wrongly.
2019-07-23,  ASTAP 0.9.242  Fixed major bug colour correction if oversize was selected.
2019-07-22,  ASTAP 0.9.241  Fixed major bug in sigma clip stacking. Limited star annotation in crowded areas.
2019-06-23,  ASTAP 0.9.240  Improved viewer pop-up routine adding labels. Fixed the viewer browse problem in Linux.
2019-06-16,  ASTAP 0.9.239  Added to the viewer pop-up menu a new tool to measure the magnitude of extended deep sky objects.  See astap.htm#viewer_popup
2019-06-13,  ASTAP 0.9.238  Minor improvements photometry tab.
2019-06-11,  ASTAP 0.9.237a  Fixed a runtime failure in photometry
2019-06-11,  ASTAP 0.9.237   Improved photometry menu tab
2019-06-10,  ASTAP 0.9.236   Improved the batch option  in the viewer tools menu.
2019-06-9,   ASTAP 0.9.235   Improvements photometry tab
2019-06-8,   ASTAP 0.9.233/4   Program stacks now correctly images of different exposure. Fixed some small things in photometry tab. Fixed some run time problems in Photometry.  Fixed tools  option bin 2x2.
2019-06-7,   ASTAP 0.9.232   Fixed the command line solver for Raspberry Pi
2019-06-6,   ASTAP 0.9.231   Added variable star annotation. Fixed some problems in astrometric stacking if input files don't contains an initial position.
2019-06-4,   ASTAP 0.9.230   Added the file date of raw files to photometry.
2019-06-4,   ASTAP 0.9.229   Fixed some other problems in colour stacking.
2019-06-4,   ASTAP 0.9.228   Fixed an other major bug in the stacking routine. One problem in colour stacking outstanding.
2019-06-3,   ASTAP 0.9.227   Fixed an bug in colour stack mode.
2019-06-3,   ASTAP 0.9.226   Mayor code rework. Made two seperate tabs for blink and photometry. Fixes a major problem using astrometric alignment for stacking.
2019-06-2,   ASTAP 0.9.225   Improved ra, dec marker.
2019-06-1,   ASTAP 0.9.224   Improved magnitude measurement using statistics. Measuring exoplanets transits is now possible:

2019-05-30, ASTAP 0.9.223   Improved messaging blink routine. Removed markers saturated stars.
2019-05-29, ASTAP 0.9.222c  Upgraded the analyse button for the blink & photometry tab. Several other code improvements. 
2019-05-28, ASTAP 0.9.221   Added Julian day to Blink list. Improved some other things.
2019-05-28, ASTAP 0.9.219-220   Fixed some problems in the new blink routine.
2019-05-27, ASTAP 0.9.218   Significant update blink routine. It is now possible to measure a magnitude trend of a variable star. See option find variable stars.
2019-05-24, ASTAP 0.9.217   Improved FITS header of stacked images. DATE-OBS is now indicating the start time of the exposure.
2019-05-23, ASTAP 0.9.216   Added a possibility to add the rounded Julian day to keyword OBJECT.  This allows grouping of a large series based on time.
2019-05-18, ASTAP 0.9.215   Fixed some minor things.
2019-05-15, ASTAP 0.9.214   Fixed some FITS compatibility problems.
2019-05-14, ASTAP 0.9.213   Added HFD plot to CCD inspector.
2019-05-10, ASTAP 0.9.212   Modified astrometric solver routine. For images with low star count, the database search window is oversized rather then making small steps. Should work a little more reliable and faster for short exposure images.
2019-05-08, ASTAP 0.9.211   Fixed font used in HyperLeda annotation to 8.
2019-05-07, ASTAP 0.9.210   Fixed an error if no darks are available. Added compression to TIFF files.
2019-05-05, ASTAP 0.9.209   One instance only. If the program is associated with FITS image files or any format, it will show only one instance of ASTAP. After clicking on the second image it will be show in the first instance of ASTAP. If you want to open a second instance, just start ASTAP. If the program is started without parameters, you can open more instances.
2019-04-30, ASTAP 0.9.208  Added HyperLeda annotation to the tools menu.
2019-04-27, ASTAP 0.9.207  Removed dark filter. Without the resulting stacked image noise is lower due to DSNU (dark signal non-uniformity).
2019-04-26, ASTAP 0.9.206  Fixed blue pixels for monochrome images. Increased speed file of subtraction in pixel math.
2019-04-23, ASTAP 0.9.205  Moved saturation slider to viewer. 
2019-04-21, ASTAP 0.9.204  Modified smart colour smooth filter and some other items
2019-04-18, ASTAP 0.9.203  Added saturation adjustment in pixel math. Renamed "bright star colour filter" to "smart colour filter". Replaced smooth filter for LRGB by "smart colour filter."
2019-04-17, ASTAP 0.9.202  Cosmetic improvements only.
2019-04-15, ASTAP 0.9.201  Fixed a major bug in the alternative background calculation for astrometric solving.
2019-04-14, ASTAP 0.9.200  Improved the execution speed a little.
2019-04-14, ASTAP 0.9.199  Big improvement in AstroC demosaic method. Move demosaic preview option to pull down menu viewer.
2019-04-11, ASTAP 0.9.198  Added keywords cwhite, cblack to header. Some internal cleanup.
2019-04-6, ASTAP 0.9.197  Fixed a problem with applying dark and flats when selecting multiple images series. Prevent deepsky annotation overlap.
2019-04-4, ASTAP 0.9.196  Added the possibility to add the object position using the deepsky database. Double click on RA position in viewer. Intended forJPG, PNG files as start point for solver.  Fixed several other small things.

2019-03-31, ASTAP 0.9.195 Improve "Bright star smoother"for saturated stars OSC images. See pixe math. Apply this after OSC stacking and F9 (colour adust)
2019-03-28, ASTAP 0.9.194 Modified PlateSolve2 behavior. If you select in SGP the PlateSolve2 setting "Max Regions" (=3000) this will force a search up to 90 degrees diameter. However the solver will be most likely stopped halfway by a SGP timeout. Improved DEC format in popupnotifier.
2019-03-26, ASTAP 0.9.193 Adapted stacking for images with background above 32000.
2019-03-24, ASTAP 0.9.192 Modified stacking routine. Image background will be brought to the same level (1000) prior to stacking.
                                               Modified native command line. Change -dec to -spd (south pole distance). Command line doesn't allows negative values.

2019-03-23, ASTAP 0.9.191 Added a pop-up notifier for command line only.
2019-03-21, ASTAP 0.9.190 Added gradient tool to pixel math. Fixed a problem with drizzle.
2019-03-16, ASTAP 0.9.189 Fixed quality filter. Repeated analyse has no influence.
2019-03-16, ASTAP 0.9.188 Added percentage to filter out worst images. Removed a solution check from blinking which caused problems.
2019-03-12, ASTAP 0.9.187 Forcing delete of old solutions of new files in the browser to blink.
2019-03-7, ASTAP 0.9.186 Fixed a failure reporting parameter in the PlateSolve2 report output.
2019-03-7, ASTAP 0.9.185 Reduced search field using Platesolve2 commandline with factor 2.
2019-03-4, ASTAP 0.9.184 Fixed a format problem with strings in FITS header.
2019-03-4, ASTAP 0.9.183 Added a noise removal routine. Some minor adjustments.
2019-03-1, ASTAP 0.9.182 Improved astroC demosaic method. Prevented clamping if  colours are adjusted.
2019-02-27, ASTAP 0.9.181 Improved bayer drizzle demosaic routine, fixed a problem in AstroM demosaic routine, added local monochrome and gaussian blur in mouse pop-up. Local monochrome is to fix colour problems in bright stars.
2019-02-22, ASTAP 0.9.180 Allowed reading FITS keywords with string values other then start position 11.
2019-02-20, ASTAP 0.9.179 Fixed a problem with saving solved jpeg/png/tiff files using Astrometry.net
2019-02-20, ASTAP 0.9.178a Compiled for Hi-DPI, 4k monitors
2019-02-18, ASTAP 0.9.178 Allow stacking of JPEG, TIFF files. For command line use of solver, FOV of fits file keys overrules specified FOV.
2019-02-17, ASTAP 0.9.177 Fixed 16 bit monochrome PNG export. Added help for statistical filtering.
2019-02-16, ASTAP 0.9.176 Added statistical filtering images. Added 16 bit PNG support.
2019-02-10, ASTAP 0.9.175 Increased the speed by suppressing update memo in viewer while handling files. Changed some default settings.
2019-02-09, ASTAP 0.9.174 Added background and noise level to darks en flats file list. Added 4x4mean for flats. Added "reset to default settings" menu option.
2019-02-08, ASTAP 0.9.173 Added Bayer-drizzle demosaic routine. Fixed XISF reader for files with larger header.
2019-02-07, ASTAP 0.9.172 Fixed a runtime error bug using astrometric alignment and flats or darks.
2019-02-06, ASTAP 0.9.171 FIXED MAJOR BUG. FLATS WHERE NOT USED CORRECTLY IN THE LAST VERSIONS.  Added AstroC demosaic routine for better saturated star color. Will work on a Bayer Drizzle demosaic routine in next version.
2019-02-05, ASTAP 0.9.170 Fixed a run time failure in the OSC colour stack routine.
2019-02-05, ASTAP 0.9.169 Improved remove deepsky routine. Added at pixel math an option to apply a flat (colour or mono) manually.
2019-02-04, ASTAP 0.9.168 Added a routine to fix colouring of saturated stars.
2019-01-24, ASTAP 0.9.167 Improved XISF reader. Modified create FITS header  routine.
2019-01-24, ASTAP 0.9.166 Adding copy image list information to clipboard. This allows export of FITS file keyword data such as HFD, temperatures, altitude, focuser position to a spreadsheet for analysis.
2019-01-22, ASTAP 0.9.165 Extensive code optimisation. Added some extra messages for colour stacking. Added 64 bit float XISF import. Fixed FITS generation for PlateSolve2 substitute use.
2019-01-18, ASTAP 0.9.164 Added possibility to read uncompressed XISF files.
2019-01-16, ASTAP 0.9.163 Fixed/improved artifical flat-correction tool. Reorganised pixel math menu's.
2019-01-15, ASTAP 0.9.162 Adapted the (star) saturation detection to the dark subtracted.
2019-01-15, ASTAP 0.9.161 For manual alignment, changed behaviour for locking on objects.
2019-01-14, ASTAP 0.9.160 Improved interface/handling of marked objects for manual alignment. So the object selection stays at the same place when you swipe/zoom.
2019-01-13, ASTAP 0.9.159 Fixed a problem with manual stacking for seperate R, G, B files.
2019-01-11, ASTAP 0.9.158  Added a check in the manual stacking to test if all images have a reference object selected.
2019-01-11, ASTAP 0.9.157  Added auto for +x- tool in pixel math. Added preserve routine for saturated stars. Added demosaic method astro-bilinear-interpolation
2019-01-09, ASTAP 0.9.155/6  Modified histogram and stack routine for colour due to some problems.
2019-01-08, ASTAP 0.9.154  Fixed some colour problems, added background colour removal tool in pixel math.
2019-01-05, ASTAP 0.9.153  Fixed some things for OSC images. Made some minor modifications in manual alignment interface. Added color smoothing filter in pixel math
2019-01-01, ASTAP 0.9.152  Fixed new demosaic method for stacking. Was not selectected
2018-12-29, ASTAP 0.9.151 Added de-mosaic method based on "HIGH-QUALITY LINEAR INTERPOLATION FOR DEMOSAICING OF BAYER-PATTERNED COLOR IMAGESHenrique S. Malvar, Li-wei He, and Ross Cutler"
2018-12-29, ASTAP 0.9.150 Fixed some bugs for OSC images.
2018-12-27, ASTAP 0.9.149 Improved code at many places. JPEG, PNG formats are now beter integrated. Improved solver.
2018-12-27, ASTAP 0.9.148 Modfied space bar refresh. Was influencing typing image center position.
2018-12-21, ASTAP 0.9.147 Added distortion tool. Several other small corrections.
2018-12-14, ASTAP 0.9.146 Fixed live distance calculation.
2018-12-13, ASTAP 0.9.145 Fixed solving JPEG images.
2018-12-09, ASTAP 0.9.144 Released MacOS version with correct color and DCRAW integrated.
2018-12-08, ASTAP 0.9.144 More menu improvements.
2018-12-07, ASTAP 0.9.143 Some menu improvements.
2018-12-05, ASTAP 0.9.142 Added the possibility to force the star database used.
2018-12-04, ASTAP 0.9.141 Added importing PFM format (32 bit float export from Photoshop). Fixed a problem in PPM/PGM reading.
2018-12-04, ASTAP 0.9.140 Mayor overhaul in stretching routine. Colour preserving stretching introduced. Faint stars and nebula keep now their colour. 
2018-11-27, ASTAP 0.9.139 Small changes, introduced artificial colouring function in pixel math.
2018-11-25, ASTAP 0.9.138 Adapted solving for very large fields. Introduced cropping and "forge small search steps" for this.
2018-10-30, ASTAP 0.9.137 Cosmetic changes.
2018-10-29, ASTAP 0.9.136 Fixed some problems with file selection.
2018-10-29, ASTAP 0.9.135 Fixed some problems with RAW files.
2018-10-29, ASTAP 0.9.134 Allowing stacking of DSLR RAW files directly.
2018-10-27, ASTAP 0.9.133 Improved help file and link.
2018-10-26, ASTAP 0.9.132 Improved dark images handling for sensors with amp-glow.
2018-10-24, ASTAP 0.9.131 Image dimensions in degrees is now also indicated after solving.
2018-10-22, ASTAP 0.9.130  Some minor menu corrections
2018-10-20, ASTAP 0.9.129  Raspberry PI 3 version
2018-10-19, ASTAP 0.9.129  macOS version
2018-10-11, ASTAP 0.9.128, Improved equalising background for image stitching mode (mosaic). Fixed some small bugs.
2018-10-10, ASTAP 0.9.127, Fixed PlateSolve2 command line for use with SGP or APT and DSLR cameras. Start position was only taken from FITs header not command line. Added log file called "documents\astap_log.txt" for PlateSolve2 commands only.
2018-10-8, ASTAP 0.9.126, Overhauled the image stitching routine (mosaic). Better adaption to different tiles. Overhauled vertical/horizontal swap routine to fix one image line
2018-10-5, ASTAP 0.9.125, Overhauled stack history in FITS header. Now full stacking history available in FITS header
2018-10-4, ASTAP 0.9.124, Stacking speed at least four times faster!
2018-10-2, ASTAP 0.9.123, Made dark spot filter permanent active. Improved the dark spot filter.
2018-10-1, ASTAP 0.9.121/122, fixed a problem combining colours with one rotated.
2018-10-1, ASTAP 0.9.120, added the possibility to add a pedestal value to the final stack result to prevent negative values.
2018-9-29, ASTAP 0.9.119, Fixed a tiny error (1,5 pixels) for center position calculated by the solver.
2018-9-28, ASTAP 0.9.118b, Gained 1% astrometric solving speed by stripping some code in star database read routine. Note that the 32 bit version performance 66% slower in a 64 bit system. So download the 64 bit version if your system is 64 bit.
2018-9-27, ASTAP 0.9.118, Fixed a bug in reading star database for finding astrometric solution, slower speed but increased reliability.
2018-9-25, ASTAP 0.9.117a, PlateSolve2 mode, program waits with closing till apm file is existing on disk.
2018-9-25, ASTAP 0.9.117, Optimized magnitude control loop. Solving about twice as fast.
2018-9-25, ASTAP 0.9.116, Optimized star detecting algorithm using images from Astrometry.net upload.
2018-9-24, ASTAP 0.9.115, Added the -s and -t command line option. Added some checks for file handling. Writes and additional .ini file in PlateSolve2 command line mode for debugging.
2018-9-21, ASTAP 0.9.114, Perfected search pattern in the sky removing any duplication.
2018-9-20, ASTAP 0.9.113, Bug fix edition. Achieving blind solve of a 50 seconds exposure with an offset of 180 degrees distance in 380 seconds!
2018-9-19, ASTAP 0.9.112, Adapted -32 bit fits reader to 0..1 scale.
2018-9-19, ASTAP 0.9.111, Relaxed on double star detection. Some minor fixed and added some hints.
2018-9-16, ASTAP 0.9.110, Fixed a slow down by star detection.
2018-9-16, ASTAP 0.9.109, Fixed some other problems.
2018-9-16, ASTAP 0.9.107, Fixed binning.
2018-9-16, ASTAP 0.9.106, Mayor overhaul in solving engine. Introduced down sampling/binning. Numerous small improvements.
2018-9-12, ASTAP 0.9.105, Increased accuracy of angle reported by the internal solver. Fixed bug in saving 16 bit images for values above 32k. Added caret indication for fits header. Many small improvements.
2018-9-7,  ASTAP 0.9.104, added test image generation in pixel math. 
2018-9-4,  ASTAP 0.9.103, added a warning for the case that a restore hot-pixels is used and too many pixels are restored. This could happen for cameras with amp-glow.
2018-9-1,  ASTAP 0.9.102, some cosmetic improvements.
2018-8-29,  ASTAP 0.9.101, improved file naming.
2018-8-29,  ASTAP 0.9.100, code optimisation.
2018-8-29,  ASTAP 0.9.99, Added two new filters for LRGB color images. The 3x3mean and 2x2mean. The 3x3mean works wel.
2018-8-28,  ASTAP 0.9.98, Fixed some things in astrometric stacking.
2018-8-27,  ASTAP 0.9.97, For Windows moved astap.cfg from documents folder to to \user\username Fixed a problem plate solving twice.
2018-8-24,  ASTAP 0.9.96, Fixed FWHM calculation. Improved HFD calculation for faint stars.
2018-8-22,  ASTAP 0.9.95, Viewer improvements. Preserving now the plate solving in case the image is cropped. Memo containing the FITS header is now updated instantly in case image is cropped or made mono.  Ctrl-Z is also restoring the FITS header.
2018-8-18,  ASTAP 0.9.94, Added colour annotation of stars if G16 star database is present. Remove G17.
2018-8-16,  ASTAP 0.9.93, Added experimental photometry option to the viewer. After plate solving, select calibration photometry in the viewer tools menu. This will allow magnitude measurement of the stars.  The magnitude values is displayed in the status bar. The G17 database will give BP magnitudes for unfiltered mono CCD's.  If replaced by the G16 and a Johnson-V filter is used it will give Johnson-V  values.  Works for mono/red  channel only.
2018-8-14,  ASTAP 0.9.92a, Minor text and hint updates.
2018-8-13,  ASTAP 0.9.92,   New blink routine. New alignment option to calibrate images only. Some minor menu improvements.
2018-8-05,  ASTAP 0.9.91,   Some minor menu improvements.
2018-7-31,  ASTAP 0.9.90,   Added some functions to pop-up menu of the thumbnails viewer.
2018-7-30,  ASTAP 0.9.89,   Added thumbnails option for viewer.
2018-7-27,  ASTAP 0.9.88a,   Fixed some text labels in the Linux version.
2018-7-27,  ASTAP 0.9.88,   Minor correction in the menus. 
2018-7-26,  ASTAP 0.9.87,   Added a preview button. Preserve filterindex of the openfile and savefile dialogs
2018-7-22,  ASTAP 0.9.86,   Added new remove borders tool (see pop-up menu)
2018-7-22,  ASTAP 0.9.85,   Fixed a fatal problem in sigma clip stacking.
2018-7-19,  ASTAP 0.9.84,   Fixed a run-time problem with de-mosaic Bayer. Introduced manual alignment.
2018-7-16,  ASTAP 0.9.83,   Added super-pixel option for demosaic RAW OSC images.
2018-7-14,  ASTAP 0.9.82,   Added split function for RAW Bayer array images. This will split them into seperate R,G,G, B files.
2018-7-14,  ASTAP 0.9.81,   Fixed conversion routine for digital cameras using DCRAW.

2018-7-13,  ASTAP 0.9.80,  Mayor update. All darks, flats and bias will automatic processed into masters. Activate classify by dark temperature, exposure and flat field filter.
Secondly added color matrix.


2018-7-6,  ASTAP 0.9.79,  Added log file which will be written after stacking.
2018-7-6,  ASTAP 0.9.78,  Fixed a FITS write problems. Improved counting darks, flats and flat-darks
2018-7-4,  ASTAP 0.9.77,  Added export to 16 bit PGM and PPM format. Several small improvements.
2018-7-3,  ASTAP 0.9.76,  Added PGM and PPM format. Added DCRAW program by David Coffin for conversion of many camera files.
2018-7-2,  ASTAP 0.9.75,  Modified & improved LRGB stacking method. Stars are removed from the RGB stack using the most common filter. Then a Gaussian blur is applied with the same factor to remove any square artifacts if any. Fixed a severe problem with uppercase .FIT extension. Added image to FITS conversion tool. Fixed a color stacking problem introduced a week ago.
2018-6-30,  ASTAP 0.9.74,  Improved mosaic mode. Some menu improvements.
2018-6-29,  ASTAP 0.9.72,  Improved mosaic mode. Some menu improvements.
2018-6-28,  ASTAP 0.9.71,  Fixed background routine. Change introduced in v0.9.68 didn't work.
2018-6-26,  ASTAP 0.9.69,  Added star annotation. See tool pulldown menu.
2018-6-26,  ASTAP 0.9.68,  Fixed missing colour for LRGB stacking.
2018-6-23,  ASTAP 0.9.67,  Fixed problem applying oversize twice.
2018-6-22,  ASTAP 0.9.66,  Improved mosaic mode. Introduced drizzle.
2018-6-16,  ASTAP 0.9.65,  Fixed some menu problems for stacking, improved RA, DEC indication, added shutdown after completion option.
2018-5-26,  ASTAP 0.9.64,  Fixed annotation for flipped images (newton style telescopes), and detection missing star database.
2018-5-22,  ASTAP 0.9.62,  Adaption to High-DPI systems
2018-5-20,  ASTAP 0.9.61,  Fixed a problem with viewer data range settings
2018-5-19,  ASTAP 0.9.60,  Added annotation to command line
2018-5-18,  ASTAP 0.9.59,  Introduced deep sky annotation under pull-down menu tools.

2018-5-18,  ASTAP 0.9.58,  Some improvement for stacking.
2018-5-18,  ASTAP 0.9.57,
 Fixed a bug for mono imigaes introduced in version 0.9.56
2018-5-17,  ASTAP 0.9.56,  Fixed Maxim DL file compatibility
2018-5-16,  ASTAP 0.9.55,  Fixed some problems for color image stacking.
2018-5-14,  ASTAP 0.9.54,  Stack menu improvements.
2018-5-13,  ASTAP 0.9.53,  Introduced dark spot filter for CMOS stacked images.
2018-5-13,  ASTAP 0.9.52,  Fixed scroll bars stack menu.
2018-5-12,  ASTAP 0.9.51,  Added the FITS preview option to the file open dialog. See below. Fixed standard deviation indication. Fixed gamma setting when loading an image.

2018-5-11,  ASTAP 0.9.50,  Fixed a problem in the command line in version 0.9.49
2018-5-11,  ASTAP 0.9.49,  Fixed several small items for stacking.
2018-5-8,  ASTAP 0.9.48,  Adapted for the new Gaia DR2 database. It will work with U16, G17 or G18 database.
2018-5-6,  ASTAP 0.9.47,  Introduced  the local equalising command to remove dark areas in stacked images. See pop-up menu. Fixed some small things. Program reads now focal length and pixel size from Maxim DL files,
2018-5-3,  ASTAP 0.9.46,  Changed back the previous setup v0.9.44 for filename as paramstr(1)
2018-5-3,  ASTAP 0.9.45,  Fixed the Platesolve2 command line.
2018-4-30,  ASTAP 0.9.44,  Several small improvements.
2018-4-28,  ASTAP 0.9.43,  Plate solve improvements for images going very deep. So speed improvements plate solving. v0.9.41 and 0.9,42 have a bug for large amount of stars.
2018-4-27,  ASTAP 0.9.40,  Many small improvement. Improved reliability. Introduced overlap based on the number of pyramids in the image.
2018-4-26,  ASTAP 0.9.39,  Small improvements in plate solving . Added a check on number of stars and pyramids in image.
2018-4-25,  ASTAP 0.9.38,  Small improvements in plate solving. Automatic diameter selection
2018-4-24,  ASTAP 0.9.37a,  Build the new command line interface for accessing the plate solver. See command line options
2018-4-23,  ASTAP 0.9.36,  Improved speed conversion PNG, JPG, TIF to FITS.
2018-4-22,  ASTAP 0.9.35,  Modified PlateSolve2 simulation.
2018-4-21,  ASTAP 0.9.34,  Removed PlateSolve2 dependency. Rename the program to PlateSolve2.exe will work using the internal solver.  So full replacement for PlateSolve2.  For a 30 degrees offset if will find a solution after 4 minutes or earlier.
2018-4-20,  ASTAP 0.9.33,  Fixed some detections levels for plate solving.
2018-4-19,  ASTAP 0.9.32,  Added adjustable minimum number of pyramids required. Typical value for stacking 6 and just plate solving 3.
2018-4-19,  ASTAP 0.9.31,  Fixed application path to the U16 files.
018-4-19,  ASTAP 0.9.30,  Added internal plate solver.
2018-4-18,  ASTAP 0.9.29,  Improved alignment.
2018-4-16,  ASTAP 0.9.28,  Improved alignment. Checking for outliers. Scaling factor no longer required.
2018-4-12,  ASTAP 0.9.27,  Improved log in FITS header. Fixed some bugs. 
2018-4-12,  ASTAP 0.9.26a,  Added some image info to the status bar. Introduced Windows installer. 
2018-4-10,  ASTAP 0.9.26,  Automatic sorting of lights, dark and flats. Pop-up menu has option to update keywords of multiple files. Free sizing of FITS files and noise generator in pixel math. 
2018-4-9,  ASTAP 0.9.25a, Allowing filtering on exposure & temperature for darks and filter for flats.
2018-4-8,  ASTAP 0.9.24, Allowing images of different astronomical scale. Intended for combining RGB of a lower resolution with Luminance images, e.g. H-alpha. Several other improvements
2018-4-5,  ASTAP 0.9.23c, Allowing file name as parameter with spaces. So you set ASTAP as default viewer for FITS, PNG, TIFF, JPG. Improved reporting in FITS header.
2018-4-4,  ASTAP 0.9.23a, Introduced results page. Fixed image counting. Added image dimensions to the list. Fixed an icon
2018-4-3,  ASTAP 0.9.22, Several improvements. Allowing combing colour images with H-alpha.
2018-4-2,  ASTAP 0.9.20, Fixed Gaussian blur in LRGB stacking. Fixed runtime error in saving flats and flat darks. Fixed sigma clip stacking for LRGB.
2018-4-2,  ASTAP 0.9.18a, Fixed 16 bit saving.
2018-4-1,  ASTAP 0.9.18, Fixed regional settings. Ignore space character object name aand filter name. Fixed RGB+L stacking.
2018-3-31,  ASTAP 0.9.17, Several fixes LRGB stacking. Fixed color model LRGB stacking.
2018-3-30,  ASTAP 0.9.13b  Big overhaul in stack menu. Now you can stack several objects in one run. RGB and LRGB stacking is also possible.  Files in listview menu can be selective removed, added or stacked. Program uses now images with lowest HFD as reference.
2018-3-23,  ASTAP 0.9.12  Overhauled star detection and image inspector. Improved menu of image equalising.
2018-3-18,  ASTAP 0.9.11 Overhauled alignment menu and manual. Introduced on-line help.
2018-3-17,  ASTAP 0.9.10c Overhauled the PlateSolve2.exe simulation. (rename astap.exe to PlateSolve2.exe Very fast now and FITS images are reduced to window size for displaying in HNSKY.  Some minor corrections.
2018-3-16,  ASTAP 0.9.9a Fixed a PNG and JPEG display problem for Nvidia graphic cards.
2018-3-14,  ASTAP 0.9.9 New internal star alignment! No need for plate solver !
2018-3-4,  ASTAP 0.9.7 Fixed Platesolve2 simulation. (Rename astap.exe to platesolve2.exe)
2018-2-20,  ASTAP 0.9.5 Small improvements.
2018-2-19,  ASTAP 0.9.4 Several small improvements, oval shape selection area for removal deepsky.
2018-2-18,  ASTAP 0.9.2, 0.9.3 Several small improvements
2018-2-16,  ASTAP 0.9.1,  Added tilt measurement to CCD inspector, Added background equalization tool under pixel math.
2018-2-14,  ASTAP 0.9.0,  Improved vieuwer low, medium, high settings. Fixed deleting files of astromentry.net.
2018-1-15,  ASTAP 0.4.4,  Added multi selection in image list.
2017-12-17,  ASTAP 0.4.3,  Improvement in CCD inspector and image analyser.
2017-12-16,  ASTAP 0.4.2,  Added CCD inspector. Fixed image analyser problem.
2017-12-16,  ASTAP 0.4.1,  Added access to Astrometry.net running in a Win10 Linux subsystem.
2017-12-12,  ASTAP 0.4.0b,  Fixed long commands for astrometry.net
2017-12-12,  ASTAP 0.4.0a,  Added some error messages for local astrometry.net. Improved live reporting astrometry.net
2017-12-12,  ASTAP 0.4.0,   First release Linux version, Several improvements.
2017-11-30,  ASTAP 0.3.0,  Several improvements.
2017-11-30,  ASTAP 0.2.2,  Several improvements, introduced median-equalise filter.
2017-11-29,  ASTAP 0.2.0,  Several improvements.
2017-11-24,  ASTAP 0.1.5,  Added mosaic equalise background mode.
2017-11-23,  ASTAP 0.1.4,  Added sort possibility to image list. You can sort on HFD or any other column.
2017-11-22,  ASTAP 0.1.3,   Stacked files are now marked as ......stacked.fit and ignored if tried to stack again. Adapted tiff 32 bit export to full range. Moved naxis3 up to position 5 in the keywords. Finding solution  is now done at the beginning of  stacking (if header is not used}
2017-11-21,  ASTAP 0.1.1a  Fixed some minor things. Simplied pixel size for astrometry.net solver.
2017-11-20,  ASTAP 0.1.1  Many small improvements. CMD console is now monitored and if closed action is taken.
2017-11-19,  ASTAP 0.1.0  Added SIP (Simple Imaging Polynomial)  support, Write FITS files as multiple of 2880 bytes. Fixed several small things.
2017-11-17,  ASTAP 0.0.9a  Fixed color conversion using astrometry.net,  added the header from first FITS to stacked image. Log follows resizing of stack menu. Improved Windows interface,. Adaption to PixInSight -32 bit files.
2017-11-16,  ASTAP 0.0.8  Fixed some problems including using PlateSolve2.
2017-11-15,  ASTAP 0.0.7a  Fixed Digital development Process for color and some small improvements.
2017-11-13,  ASTAP 0.0.7  Improved viewer menu and performance. Improved export routine including streched TIFF files and variable JPEG compression. Select the correct file in file dialog.
2017-11-12,  ASTAP 0.0.5  New dark filter.
2017-11-11,  ASTAP 0.0.4  Added a FITS crop function using the right mouse button.
2017-11-10,  ASTAP 0.0.3  Fixed a dark subtraction problem in mode average.
2017-11-10,  ASTAP 0.0.2  New name ASTAP. Added digital development and several other improvements.
2017-11-8,  ASTAP 0.0.1  Added Astrometry.net local and several improvements.
2017-11-5,  ASTAP 0.0.0e  Fixed regional decimal seperator problem.
2017-11-2,  ASTAP, Astrometric Stacking Program version 0.0.0 (2017-11-2). This replaces HNS_FV



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