History of the ASTAP, Astrometric stacking program

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Expected, internal routine for plate solving

2018-4-23,  ASTAP 0.9.37,  Build the new command line interface for accessing the plate solver.
2018-4-23,  ASTAP 0.9.36,  Improved speed conversion PNG, JPG, TIF to FITS.
2018-4-22,  ASTAP 0.9.35,  Modified PlateSolve2 simulation.
2018-4-21,  ASTAP 0.9.34,  Removed PlateSolve2 dependency. Rename the program to PlateSolve2.exe will work using the internal solver.  So full replacement for PlateSolve2.  For a 30 degrees offset if will find a solution after 4 minutes or earlier.
2018-4-20,  ASTAP 0.9.33,  Fixed some detections levels for plate solving.
2018-4-19,  ASTAP 0.9.32,  Added adjustable minimum number of pyramids required. Typical value for stacking 6 and just plate solving 3.
2018-4-19,  ASTAP 0.9.31,  Fixed application path to the U16 files.
2018-4-19,  ASTAP 0.9.30,  Added internal plate solver.
2018-4-18,  ASTAP 0.9.29,  Improved alignment.
2018-4-16,  ASTAP 0.9.28,  Improved alignment. Checking for outliers. Scaling factor no longer required.
2018-4-12,  ASTAP 0.9.27,  Improved log in FITS header. Fixed some bugs. 
2018-4-12,  ASTAP 0.9.26a,  Added some image info to the status bar. Introduced Windows installer. 
2018-4-10,  ASTAP 0.9.26,  Automatic sorting of lights, dark and flats. Pop-up menu has option to update keywords of multiple files. Free sizing of FITS files and noise generator in pixel math. 
2018-4-9,  ASTAP 0.9.25a, Allowing filtering on exposure & temperature for darks and filter for flats.
2018-4-8,  ASTAP 0.9.24, Allowing images of different astronomical scale. Intended for combining RGB of a lower resolution with Luminance images, e.g. H-alpha. Several other improvements
2018-4-5,  ASTAP 0.9.23c, Allowing file name as parameter with spaces. So you set ASTAP as default viewer for FITS, PNG, TIFF, JPG. Improved reporting in FITS header.
2018-4-4,  ASTAP 0.9.23a, Introduced results page. Fixed image counting. Added image dimensions to the list. Fixed an icon
2018-4-3,  ASTAP 0.9.22, Several improvements. Allowing combing colour images with H-alpha.
2018-4-2,  ASTAP 0.9.20, Fixed Gaussian blur in LRGB stacking. Fixed runtime error in saving flats and flat darks. Fixed sigma clip stacking for LRGB.
2018-4-2,  ASTAP 0.9.18a, Fixed 16 bit saving.
2018-4-1,  ASTAP 0.9.18, Fixed regional settings. Ignore space character object name aand filter name. Fixed RGB+L stacking.
2018-3-31,  ASTAP 0.9.17, Several fixes LRGB stacking. Fixed color model LRGB stacking.
2018-3-30,  ASTAP 0.9.13b  Big overhaul in stack menu. Now you can stack several objects in one run. RGB and LRGB stacking is also possible.  Files in listview menu can be selective removed, added or stacked. Program uses now images with lowest HFD as reference.
2018-3-23,  ASTAP 0.9.12  Overhauled star detection and image inspector. Improved menu of image equalising.
2018-3-18,  ASTAP 0.9.11 Overhauled alignment menu and manual. Introduced on-line help.
2018-3-17,  ASTAP 0.9.10c Overhauled the PlateSolve2.exe simulation. (rename astap.exe to PlateSolve2.exe Very fast now and FITS images are reduced to window size for displaying in HNSKY.  Some minor corrections.
2018-3-16,  ASTAP 0.9.9a Fixed a PNG and JPEG display problem for Nvidia graphic cards.
2018-3-14,  ASTAP 0.9.9 New internal star alignment! No need for plate solver !
2018-3-4,  ASTAP 0.9.7 Fixed Platesolve2 simulation. (Rename astap.exe to platesolve2.exe)
2018-2-20,  ASTAP 0.9.5 Small improvements.
2018-2-19,  ASTAP 0.9.4 Several small improvements, oval shape selection area for removal deepsky.
2018-2-18,  ASTAP 0.9.2, 0.9.3 Several small improvements
2018-2-16,  ASTAP 0.9.1,  Added tilt measurement to CCD inspector, Added background equalization tool under pixel math.
2018-2-14,  ASTAP 0.9.0,  Improved vieuwer low, medium, high settings. Fixed deleting files of astromentry.net.
2018-1-15,  ASTAP 0.4.4,  Added multi selection in image list.
2017-12-17,  ASTAP 0.4.3,  Improvement in CCD inspector and image analyser.
2017-12-16,  ASTAP 0.4.2,  Added CCD inspector. Fixed image analyser problem.
2017-12-16,  ASTAP 0.4.1,  Added access to Astrometry.net running in a Win10 Linux subsystem.
2017-12-12,  ASTAP 0.4.0b,  Fixed long commands for astrometry.net
2017-12-12,  ASTAP 0.4.0a,  Added some error messages for local astrometry.net. Improved live reporting astrometry.net
2017-12-12,  ASTAP 0.4.0,   First release Linux version, Several improvements.
2017-11-30,  ASTAP 0.3.0,  Several improvements.
2017-11-30,  ASTAP 0.2.2,  Several improvements, introduced median-equalise filter.
2017-11-29,  ASTAP 0.2.0,  Several improvements.
2017-11-24,  ASTAP 0.1.5,  Added mosaic equalise background mode.
2017-11-23,  ASTAP 0.1.4,  Added sort possibility to image list. You can sort on HFD or any other column.
2017-11-22,  ASTAP 0.1.3,   Stacked files are now marked as ......stacked.fit and ignored if tried to stack again. Adapted tiff 32 bit export to full range. Moved naxis3 up to position 5 in the keywords. Finding solution  is now done at the beginning of  stacking (if header is not used}
2017-11-21,  ASTAP 0.1.1a  Fixed some minor things. Simplied pixel size for astrometry.net solver.
2017-11-20,  ASTAP 0.1.1  Many small improvements. CMD console is now monitored and if closed action is taken.
2017-11-19,  ASTAP 0.1.0  Added SIP (Simple Imaging Polynomial)  support, Write FITS files as multiple of 2880 bytes. Fixed several small things.
2017-11-17,  ASTAP 0.0.9a  Fixed color conversion using astrometry.net,  added the header from first FITS to stacked image. Log follows resizing of stack menu. Improved Windows interface,. Adaption to PixInSight -32 bit files.
2017-11-16,  ASTAP 0.0.8  Fixed some problems including using PlateSolve2.
2017-11-15,  ASTAP 0.0.7a  Fixed Digital development Process for color and some small improvements.
2017-11-13,  ASTAP 0.0.7  Improved viewer menu and performance. Improved export routine including streched TIFF files and variable JPEG compression. Select the correct file in file dialog.
2017-11-12,  ASTAP 0.0.5  New dark filter.
2017-11-11,  ASTAP 0.0.4  Added a FITS crop function using the right mouse button.
2017-11-10,  ASTAP 0.0.3  Fixed a dark subtraction problem in mode average.
2017-11-10,  ASTAP 0.0.2  New name ASTAP. Added digital development and several other improvements.
2017-11-8,  ASTAP 0.0.1  Added Astrometry.net local and several improvements.
2017-11-5,  ASTAP 0.0.0e  Fixed regional decimal seperator problem.
2017-11-2,  ASTAP, Astrometric Stacking Program version 0.0.0 (2017-11-2). This replaces HNS_FV



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