ASTAP solver is now using new H17, H18 star databases. The stars are split in 1476 files of about 5x5 degrees instead of the usual 10x10+ degrees for the 290 files. The blind solving speed increases if your field-of-view is equal or smaller then about 1.5 degree. Blind solving speed doubles at a field-of-view of 0.5 degree compared with using the G18 star database.

There is no urgency to replace the existing G17, G18 databases. They will keep on working. In the long term I would recommend for field-of-view smaller then 1 degree to move to the H18. There is no penalty for using the H18 instead of H17, same speed only the size is larger and it goes deeper. If you install the new database, remove/uninstall the old one to activate the new one.