ASTAP 0.9.158

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ASTAP 0.9.158

Post by han.k » 11 Jan 2019, 12:23

ASTAP version 0.9.158 has just been released.

This version includes several improvements for colour image stacking. Some previous editions had issues with colour images but they should be all fixed now.

There is a new demosaic algorithm, "astro bilinear interpolation. This make white stars for the case you have a few undersampled files. If you have sufficient images use the Malvar-He-Cutler or the bilinear interpolation to convert RAW to colour. With sufficient images stacked, the undersampling of bayer matrix is not a problem.

Also the pixel math tab has been extended. There is an auto button in the +x- menu for finding the best settings for neutral background and stars for the case one of the colours is shifted.

The colour of saturated stars is better handled.

There is an option to remove colour of the background.

The next week(s) I will focus on testing on different image sets. You could assist by trying it on your (old) sets. Please report any problem.