Stacked colour fits

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Re: Stacked colour fits

Post by Serg1 » 19 Mar 2019, 17:38

Hello Han.
I changed the algorithm for filtering white and black dots by adding the Average method.

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Re: Stacked colour fits

Post by han.k » 20 Mar 2019, 21:05

Hello Serg,

The math is nicely described in the link. Maybe useful for the future. I do something similar for drizzle but with a different and mathematical a simpler approach. I split the pixels in 10x10 so 100 sub-pixels. Then by rounding of each sub-pixel position you will find the correct destination. ( I just see it has a bug in colour mode due some other changes)

I'm aware you could calculate on sub-pixel accuracy, but that will slow down the stacking process with maybe a factor 4. Each pixel value should be distributed over 4 or 5 pixels in ratio.

Having the images 80 degrees rotated like your sample is a very rare case. In most cases the images are from one series with more or less the same angle. If you stack 20 or so images the problem will also be less since the statics will help you to correct the error.

Regards, Han

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