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downloading images

Post by joaquin m. » 30 May 2018, 10:42

Hello , i get an error message when trying to download images from the web.
error creating ssl ctx: sslctxNew
maybe i'm missing some library ?
i'm on ubuntu 18.04 ,everything else working fine .

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Re: downloading images

Post by han.k » 10 Jun 2018, 22:02

Normally the images end up in path:


HNSKY requires a location where it can store the downloaded images. If this directory is not available, you should create it. This happens also if you extract the home documents.

You could also use any other directory. In settings (cntrl-E), tab SETTINGS you will see the path to fits images. This is default ./fits so equal to .hnsky/fits. Double click to change.

Probably the best check is to install the home documents and see if the 255 images included are shown. In the object menu you can switch on/off images but as soon you download a DSS image it is switched on automatically.


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