ASTAP 0.9.30 has it's own internal plate solver.

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ASTAP 0.9.30 has it's own internal plate solver.

Post by han.k » 19 Apr 2018, 12:48

To all,

I just released version 0.9.30 of ASTAP. This version has it's own internal plate solver. I think it works well but more testing is required.

It has not many settings. First you have to download the U16 star database of 419 mbytes. Just extract it in the program directory. /opt/astap Then there are only two settings in the "Alignment internal" tab. First you can set the magnitude. About 14 works fine. For images going very deep you have to increase it to 15 or more. For shorter exposures maybe 13 or 13.5 is required. The second setting field size is not critical. Should be about the image field diameter. That's all. It can perform a square search pattern and seems fast. It is very preliminary and requires more field testing.

So just:

1) install or extract the program in c:\program files\astap or for Linux /opt/astap

2) Extract the U16 database in c:\program files\astap or for Linux /opt/astap

3) Load a fits file, go to settings, tab "alignment internal", select internal solver and hit button SOLVE. If the fits file doesn't contain a RA, DEC position indication, you have to enter it in the viewer.

There is no external interface yet. Maybe I will use executable parameters, mimic Platesolve2 (but I'm not so happy about the PlateSolve2 interface) or use a server interface.

Note that internal star alignment is faster then internal plate solving. Star alignment is recommended unless your building mosaics.

Clear skies, Han