ASTAP 0.9.18, LRGB stacking and multiple object stacking

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ASTAP 0.9.18, LRGB stacking and multiple object stacking

Post by han.k » 01 Apr 2018, 23:06

To all ASTAP users,

A new version of ASTAP is developed. The latest version 0.9.18 can stack L+R+G+B images. Secondly you can select several objects and run the stacking in one run. ASTAP will produce the files based on the object name. You can now also select multiple directories and add or removes files from the list

Note that the internal routine can only stack images made with the same camera, so dimensions. Also the multiple object stacking will use for all object the same darks and flats. The idea is to stack all images of a nightly sessions so I think this is fine.

The program is actively in development and will be updated regularly often on daily basis. Bug are there. You could help with the development by trying the new version with your raw images and send reports or send your raw images for testing by me. Or you could suggest new features and possibilities which are missing.

The Linux version is running a little behind. If you need one, just send me a request and will compile it.

Clear skies, Han
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