ASTAP 0.9.12

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ASTAP 0.9.12

Post by han.k » 23 Mar 2018, 12:45

ASTAP, the Astrometric STAcking Program version 0.9.12 is released. Below the list of improvements.


Clear skies, Han

2018-3-23, ASTAP ß0.9.12 Overhauled star detection and image inspector. Improved the menu of image equalising.
2018-3-18, ASTAP ß0.9.11 Overhauled alignment menu and manual. Introduced on-line help.
2018-3-17, ASTAP ß0.9.10c Overhauled the PlateSolve2.exe simulation. (rename astap.exe to PlateSolve2.exe Very fast now and FITS images are reduced to window size for displaying in HNSKY. Some minor corrections.
2018-3-16, ASTAP ß0.9.9a Fixed a PNG and JPEG display problem for Nvidia graphic cards.
2018-3-14, ASTAP ß0.9.9 New internal star alignment! No need for plate solver !