ASTAP version 0.9.171, fixing major bug fix flat correction

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ASTAP version 0.9.171, fixing major bug fix flat correction

Post by han.k » 06 Feb 2019, 23:34

ASTAP version 0.9.171 has just been released.

In this version a major problem using flat files introduced some weeks ago is fixed. The flats where not properly used.

I also focused on improving the colour of saturated stars. The new demosaic routine called "AstroC"should give the best results even if the star center is fully saturated and colour information is lost.

Note also that in pixel math the +X- routine has an AUTO button to remove any light pollution. Secondly there is a routine "Background colour removal" to remove the colour of the sky background. For this second routine put the sigma values as low as possible.

I will now work on the demosaic routine called Bayer Drizzle. When a large number of pictures is available you could just stack the red, green pixels of a OSC image using the natural drift without without any interpolation. I'm not sure if this will give good results, but it will avoid tricky interpolation and artifacts.

Feedback is important for the development of ASTAP. So do not hesitate to report any problem or idea.

Clear skies, Han