Mosaic design in 4.0.0ß7

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Mosaic design in 4.0.0ß7

Post by han.k » 06 Jan 2018, 13:11

For users who are imaging, in beta version 4.0.0ß7 it is possible to add rectangles and design a mosaic. If the measuring frame is ON, you can draw rectangles by pressing the HOME button. The J2000 or MEAN position is given and orientation. The rectangles can be removed by pressing CTRL+DEL (as defined in the markers and line menu) The rectangles are stored a 4 lines in supplement 2. Save supplement 2 to make is permanent. See next image.


Below a design for a M31 mosaic using for four image fields at an angle of 50 degrees. The angle of the measuring frame is adjustable with the mouse wheel while holding CTRL down. The position is referring to the center of the frames.
hns_mosaic.png (48.52 KiB) Viewed 10244 times