Importing raw images from digital cameras. v0.9.76

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Importing raw images from digital cameras. v0.9.76

Post by han.k » 04 Jul 2018, 19:18

ASTAP version 0.9.76 is released.

This ASTAP version can import raw images from almost any digital camera, For this ASTAP executes the DCRAW program from Dave Coffin. DCRAW is included with the Windows edition of ASTAP and can be installed in Linux by the "sudo apt-get install dcraw" command.

The file convert option is in the pulldown menu under TOOLS. ASTAP will execute DCRAW with parameters -D -4 and this will produce 16 bit PGM raw files. ASTAP can read these PGM files and convert them to a 16 bit FITS. After conversion the intermediate PGM are no longer required and can be deleted manually. The FITS can be used in the stacking. The Bayer matrix conversion to colour will be applied later in ASTAP. With this method the full depth of the original RAW files will be preserved .

Clear skies, Han

A raw file prior to applying the Bayer matrix looks like this:
M45 raw.png
M45 raw.png (805.55 KiB) Viewed 12459 times