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ASTAP versions 0.9.264/0.9.265/0.9.267 commandline bug

Posted: 20 Sep 2019, 21:56
by han.k
The ASTAP versions 0.9.264 / 0.9.265/ 0.9.266 / 0.9.267 are effected by a command-line mode bug. If used in the commandline mode and the solving fails an ASTAP window will open and wait for user input. It doesn't happen if ASTAP is used as a PlateSolve2 substitute. So only NINA and CCDCiel program users are effected.

These versions where available for download between 2019-9-17 and 2019-9-20. If you have one of these versions, please upgrade to version 0.9.268

Clear skies, Han