G17 index location and setup

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G17 index location and setup

Post by SteveBz » 07 Mar 2019, 19:59

Hi Guys,

I've got ASTAP installed and I've justinstalled the g17....deb file on Ubuntu 16.04 but ATAP doesn't see them for solving. I already have Astrometry.net locally installed, which works perfectly, but I want to compare the features of ASTAP.

How to point ASTAP at the g17 database?



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Re: G17 index location and setup

Post by han.k » 30 Mar 2019, 23:22

1) The g17 files should be in the same directory as the executable. For Linux they should be all at location /opt/astap

If the program is not complaining about missing files it should be okay.

2) Secondly the initial location of the image should be available. If your trying to solve FITS files the approximate position should be visible in the viewer top left. If not you have to enter the position manually.

3) The height of the image degrees should be specified roughly. For FITS files this should go automatically. It is visible in the stack menu, tab alignment

If you select astrometric alignment all relevant setting will be marked. see:

This should work for you, if not ask again.

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