HNSKY 4.0.0 final version released

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HNSKY 4.0.0 final version released

Post by han.k » 07 Mar 2018, 14:21

To all HNSKY users.

HNSKY version 4.0.0 is released after 3 months testing:

Many thanks to Roberto and Vic for the regular feedback and remarks.

The forum was suffering from some spam. This should be solved now by a small test on astronomical knowledge for new members.

Clear skies,Han

The program main changes compared with 3.4.0 are:

- Improved swipe functionality.
- New improved telescope cursor, the telescope position is now shown as a correct sized and orientated rectangle. Orientation can be set manually with mouse wheel while holding CTRL key down.
- Added possibility to design mosaics. (measuring frame on, hit HOME. To remove rectangle hit CTRL+DEL)
- Goto menu has slew to functionality if "track telescope is on".
- Three-state check-mark for asteroids and comets. Grayed=all, checked=auto
- Three-state check-mark for star names. Off=bright stars only, Grayed=supplement stars only. Checked=All star names.
- Vizier online server for star catalogue can be set in settings.

- Added PPMXL online star catalog.
- Added Lynds (LBN) supplement containing 1125 bright nebula as supplement and brightest to the deepsky level 3 database.
- Added Hickson Compact Groups of Galaxies (HCG) as separate supplement and to the deepsky level 3 database.


joaquin m.

Re: HNSKY 4.0.0 final version released

Post by joaquin m. » 08 Mar 2018, 02:09

Great News ! Thank you !

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Re: HNSKY 4.0.0 final version released

Post by Florian » 08 Mar 2018, 04:16

Ver 4.0.0 working well for me. Thanks Han.

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