HNSKY 4.1.8 released

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HNSKY 4.1.8 released

Post by han.k » 07 Jan 2020, 15:57

To all HNSKY users,

HNSKY planetarium program version 4.1.8 has been released. There is one new feature:

Asteroid data download has been upgraded. The link to a small asteroid file as previously provided by the Minor Planet Center is no longer available. Therefore the asteroid database is now updated using the full size MPCORB.DAT file. Note that a download take some time size since it is a very large file. After download, the program extracts a selection based on number of asteroids required and limiting magnitude as set:


If you problems with downloading large files, used the attached file. You can also use this file for Raspberry version which will be update later. Extract and copy this file hns_ast1.ast to ~\.hnsky

Clear skies, Han
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