HNSKY 4.0.0

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Re: HNSKY 4.0.0

by Florian » 29 Jan 2018, 20:44

Direction hotkeys work now. One minor cosmetic issue I don't see the arrows in the time menu popup. Just a little box. The button works fine, just don't see the arrows. Maybe i don't have the font installed ..
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Re: HNSKY 4.0.0

by han.k » 29 Jan 2018, 18:29

Franz, thanks for the bug feedback.

An a last remark for Florian. In the latest versions you can set Vizier server for online star catalogs. See SETTINGS, tab INTERNET. It was always set for Vizier in France. However there are local servers in some other locations. This could speed up your access if your located outside Europe. I didn't include the Hawaii and Russian server since they didn't respond but you can always enter them manually: (cds) (fr) (cfa) (us) (cadc) (ca) (adac) (jp) (bejing) (cn) (cambridge) (uk) (ukirt) (hawaii) {<===dead in 2018, not included} (moscow) (ru) {<===dead in 2018, not included}

Re: HNSKY 4.0.0

by User » 29 Jan 2018, 17:28

Yep, the menu is now working again, thanks for the quick fix!

And many thanks for your great program, I really like it and I'm using it since many years. :-)

Best regards from Austria,

Re: HNSKY 4.0.0

by han.k » 29 Jan 2018, 17:18

Except for the spellings error, the submenu instrument is back in version 4.0.0 RC4b.

For Florian, I also fixed the seconds it the "set time:" menu. Seconds where not working. This problem already existed since v3.3.5. I added a button to allow moving in seconds live in time. See image. Now you can simulate occultations similar as in the animation menu.
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Re: HNSKY 4.0.0

by User » 29 Jan 2018, 13:41

Hi Han,

there's still one more thing unclear:
in the previous version 3.4.0 there was a toolbar entry 'Submenu instruments' (item #4 in the list),
but in 4.0.0 this entry opens the 'Settings' menu (and shows the same icon), so now both list entries
(#4 and #8) access the same feature.

Is this 'Submenu instruments' no longer supported, or have you just missed it?
(BTW, it was spelled 'intruments' insterad of 'instruments' in 3.4.0 ;-))

Re: HNSKY 4.0.0

by han.k » 29 Jan 2018, 10:41

Hello Florian,

No, you found a bug. I had to reconstruct the main menu and this was not working. Fixed in version 4.0.0 RC4a.

Hopefully this is the last one. This big overhaul resulted in more bugs then anticipated.

Clear skies, Han

Re: HNSKY 4.0.0

by Florian » 28 Jan 2018, 21:28

Hi Han. Did hotkeys change in 4.0.0 RC2 Windows? I used to type shift-S to see southern view, shift-N for north, etc. Now does nothing.

HNSKY 4.0.0

by han.k » 26 Jan 2018, 13:20

To all HNSKY users,

HNSKY is now at version 4.0.0 RC2 (release candidate 2). If in the coming days no more problems are found, I while launch it as the final v4.0.0.

I think this version is better then 3.4.0 so that version has already moved to "old versions"

Clear skies, Han