Sky Simulator for ASCOM

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Re: Sky Simulator for ASCOM

by hoxca » 06 Mar 2020, 02:52

Hello han,

I understand that the patch of the Ascom Camera Simulator is not a trivial task to do.

But since a real CCD camera driver can do it, it would be possible to prepare a second image (subframe) by cropping the skySimulator already calculated image to 128x128 around the star.

It surely need some of good reading / code review of actual simulator or camera drivers...
I will maybe invest some time to clarify this, but for now i'm too busy with our next observatory.
This windows platform is not in my confort zone either, i usually run linux and do some tiny code in ruby/golang...

Thank you for your prompt answer ;)


Re: Sky Simulator for ASCOM

by lewis » 24 Feb 2020, 17:22

Hi Han
It works!
After a complete new setup and deactivating virus program both focuser.sim runs at once in Voyager.
The process in the videos of Hoxca are perfect.
Thanks again for your help and the fine skysimulator.

Re: Sky Simulator for ASCOM

by lewis » 23 Feb 2020, 21:25

Hi Han
I can not run the ASCOM driver simulator in voyager and in skysimulator. I have tested it with different win 10 computer.
If I choose for the focuser the simulator driver I read „Error ASCOM Driver — FocuserSim Focuser Not found“.
By the way with the real focuser has no problem to load the driver in both programms.
It would be nice if SkySim runs not only for Nina/apt/sgpro.
Perhaps somebody has the same problem?
Thanks Ed

Re: Sky Simulator for ASCOM

by han.k » 22 Feb 2020, 13:24

Hello Ed,

Both should work. I also had some problem with one of them. If I remember well the "simulator"worked best for me. The other I see is "ASCOM Simulator Focuser Driver"

It should also be possible to select your own focuser and mount (so any). Then the mount and focuser will actually move and only the camera has to be simulated in software. I haven't tried that, but that should work since they all communicate the same protocol using ASCOM. That's whý the focuser range in the simulator is adjustable.


Re: Sky Simulator for ASCOM

by lewis » 22 Feb 2020, 12:08

Hello Han
Differences concerning focuser driver.
In your setup picture stands: ASCOM Focuser "simulator"
In the Focuser setup of ASCOM (Version 6.4 SP1) there are two drivers: 1) "ASCOM Simulator Focuser Driver" and 2) Simulator.
Which one is the correct one?

Hoxa works in both, voyager and in SkySim, with the driver "Simulator"
On my Win10 prof laptop this gives an error in the SkySim.
I have the one driver in Voyager and the other in Skysim: All OK! That means Voyager dont accept the same driver (SkySim runs in admin mode)
The same test with CCDCiel. Result: With the driver "Simulator" in both programms everything runs well.


Re: Sky Simulator for ASCOM

by han.k » 21 Feb 2020, 21:37

Hello Hoxa,

I have modified the standard ASCOM "Camera V2 simulator" such that it doesn't lock the image.jpg file and reads it every time again. That wasn't easy since C# is not my favorite programming language. Normally I program in Object Pascal.

Does the ASCOM cam simulator allows a sub section? I don't recognise it as a standard simulator as packed in ASCOM.

For the moment, I want to keep it as it is. It took already some significant effort. If you know somebody who is good in changing/modyfying an ASCOM driver, please ask him.

Clear skies, Han

Re: Sky Simulator for ASCOM

by hoxca » 21 Feb 2020, 20:58

Thank you for passing by on the voyager channel han ;)

The sky simulator is a very great tool for simulation.
Many thank for your job. You have all the credit of this demonstration.
I was lazy and unconfortable to do it in english, but i think that this was self explanory.

The only thing i did not manage to do was a robofocus (eg single star focus) as this require acquisition subframe centred on the focus star.
It would be a great addition to the simulator to permit a focus star.

Would you think that achieviable via the ascom cam simulator ?

Re: Sky Simulator for ASCOM

by han.k » 21 Feb 2020, 20:23

I have moved the Sky Simulator topic now to a new forum. It is possible that the links are different.


Re: Sky Simulator for ASCOM

by lewis » 21 Feb 2020, 20:22

Hello Han
Sky simulator has a great potential I think because it is the latest part of the chain of simulators.
It reduces the trial and error in the real world and brings more productive imaging time 👍
Give him a kick in Cloudy nights

Re: Sky Simulator for ASCOM

by han.k » 21 Feb 2020, 19:55

Hello Ed,

Thanks for the links. I was not aware of them. Also good exercise to refresh my French a little. :)

The image size, just set them the same in the simulator and Voyager. Don't make them too large since it will slowdown the simulation.